Aldi’s Smart-For-Summer Tumblers Are Giving Us Pricier Target Vibes

We're running to nab these copycats.



It’s been tough staying away from the Aldi Finds aisle lately. We’re talking about the houseware Finds aisle, affectionately dubbed “The Aisle of Shame” by shoppers because the chance is high they’ll walk away with something they hadn’t intended to buy.

You spy a $25 Le Creuset lookalike cast iron braiser or a beautiful $20 acacia wood serving bowl that rivals one you saw in Pottery Barn for $70. You are drawn to it and hear something like a siren’s song. You try not to walk up to the shelf and touch it. But, suddenly, the item is in your shopping cart, and you don’t know how it got there. You have officially experienced The Aisle of Shame.

Fortunately, only some things in the aisle raise the bottom line on your grocery receipt by a noticeable margin. Starting June 26, you’ll find some pretty tumblers that are a downright bargain—and perfect for summer entertaining.

Crofton Hobnail Acrylic Glasses at Aldi



Glassware with a beaded hobnail design is super popular right now. The design isn’t new. It’s been around since the late 1930s, but with the rise of cottagecore, it’s showing up on Pottery Barn pitchers and Williams Sonoma goblets. Aldi sold copycat versions that we loved of both the pitchers and the old-fashioned glasses earlier this year.

Now, Aldi is bringing us acrylic versions of the vintage-looking glasses that Target sells in packs of six for $39 (or $6.50 each). The glasses come in various colors and are great as tumblers for water, lemonade, or cocktails (a margarita comes to mind).

The Crofton tumblers have an almost identical design. Because they’re acrylic, they’re perfect for use by the pool or on the patio. The 9.5-ounce glasses are available in three colors—clear, light blue, or light green—and are $1.50 each in a four-pack for $5.99.

What else would look great in these glasses besides lemonade and margaritas? We picture sparkling cantaloupe agua fresca, peanut butter and banana smoothies, or sweet lime iced tea.

The tumblers go on sale on Wednesday, June 26, and will be in the Aldi Finds aisle until supplies are gone, which sometimes happens very quickly with these Aldi copycat items. We’re heading to grab a set ASAP.

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