Aldi shopper spots hidden message on Special Buy

Kristine Tarbert
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An Aldi shopper has made a strange discovery on a children's doona cover she bought during a recent Special Buys sale.

Taking to a popular Aldi Facebook page, the woman shared a photo of the blue sheet set complete with a truck design, showing words written in black marker.

aldi special buy truck sheets with black marker
A mum spotted black marker on her new bed sheets. Photo: Facebook

“Did anyone get the truck single bed spread?” the mum asked.

“I just washed it and was hanging it out and it looks like it’s been written on.

“It doesn’t have it anywhere else. Just wondering if anyone else got one and if it’s mark free?”


Some people weren't sure what the markings meant, with a few guessing the words looked like 'lemon fish'.

Others however seemed to have more of an idea of what it meant.

“It’s been marked while being made by the looks of it,” one person said.

While another explained: “What you have is a doona that is made from the end of the roll of fabric and has been marked as such. Not ordinary ink, won’t come out.”

Muncie - Circa March 2019: Aldi Discount Supermarket. Aldi sells a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, at discount prices II
Aldi customers are encouraged to return items they aren't happy with. Photo: Getty

A few people said they had seen something similar at other stores as well.

“Not ALDI, but I bought a pony one from Target a few years ago that was the same," was one comment.

And Aldi spokesperson has previously said: "Customers who aren’t happy with a product are encouraged to return it to their local store for a full refund."

It comes after another person spotted a detail on Aldi's toilet paper that could save savvy shoppers $4.

An Aldi customer uploaded a photo of her Confidence branded toilet paper, as she was surprised to see it featured the Quilton logo printed on the cardboard inside the roll.

"Is the Aldi Confidence toilet paper made by Quilton with a different print and cheaper price?!" she wrote on Facebook. "Someone in manufacturing forgot to change the 'core' for the Aldi toilet roll!"

It seems that Quilton is made by ABC Tissue, the same manufacturer of Aldi's Confidence brand, except a 24-pack of Confidence costs $7.99 or 33 cents a roll, while Quilton's costs $12 or 50 cents a roll, meaning Aldi customers are saving $4 on their purchase of the same product.

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