Aldi shopper creates epic grazing table, and you won't believe how cheap it was

By creating your own budget-friendly grazing table, you can make big savings

Grazing tables have become a popular choice for events and parties, often accompanied by high costs from gourmet caterers. However, one Aussie Aldi shopper has proven that an extravagant feast can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Drawing inspiration from fellow members of the Aldi Mums Facebook group, the resourceful woman crafted a magnificent grazing table predominantly using products from the budget-friendly retailer. Her impressive spread catered to 40 guests and came at a total cost of approximately $200.

A savvy shopper shared her impressive grazing table predominantly featuring Aldi products. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums
A savvy shopper shared her impressive grazing table predominantly featuring Aldi products. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums (Aldi MumS facebook)

Expressing her gratitude to the group for sharing their own creations, she proudly posted a photo of her phenomenal spread, accompanied by the caption, "Another (mostly) Aldi grazing table! Cost about $200 all up."

The response from the group was overwhelmingly positive, with members showering her with compliments for her meticulously assembled grazing table. The post flooded with comments such as "Omg!!! Love it!!!" "Looks amazing, great value," and "Well done! Looks awesome."

One group member even praised it as "probably one of the most practical ones I have ever seen" and they would be keen to sample a bit of everything.


While the majority of feedback was encouraging, there were also differing opinions. One member shared concerns about the concept of grazing tables generally, citing food hygiene issues and the impact of COVID-19 as factors that put them off the idea.

"Looks beautiful," the group member wrote "but the whole concept it off for me."

Another person echoed the sentiment, saying, "I love the look of grazing tables but I am amazing they're still 'IN' considering COVID is still around."

External Aldi Store Sign on May 2023 in London, England.
More and more people are turning to Aldi for party catering. Photo: Getty Images (Peter Dazeley via Getty Images)

Interestingly, the conversation shifted towards individuals opting to create affordable spreads themselves instead of hiring professionals.

A self-proclaimed professional caterer joined the discussion and shared valuable insights on pricing, aiming to dispel misconceptions and shed light on the different expenses incurred in the catering industry.

In response to accusations of professionals "ripping people off," the industry expert stressed that food costs are not the sole consideration. She went on to highlight additional expenses such as petrol, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and utilities. By doing so, she aimed to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the various factors that contribute to the overall pricing of catering services.

"What most people don't understand is that food is not the only cost," she wrote. "A customer sees the hour it takes to lay a grazing table but it takes me up to 12 hours of prep for a table of 50."

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