Aldi shopper completely transforms mouldy car with cult-favourite cleaning product

We’ve seen Aldi’s popular Di San spray in action when enthusiasts show off super clean results on grout and bathrooms.

Now, a Brisbane woman has taken it to a new level, using the award-winning stain remover to rid her car of mould.

Before and after pictures on social media showed the transformation, thanks to the miracle cleaner with a serious cult following.

“If you’re not sold on the Aldi stain remover- this was all cleaned by just that and a Bissell,” the happy car owner wrote alongside the incredible pictures.

The front area of a car with the seats removed showing mould on flooring
Before: Mould was spread throughout the entire car, across the floors and seats. Photo: Facebook.


The woman said her car was full of thick, stuck-on mould, but after using Di San with the Bissell spot cleaner, her car now “looks brand new”.

She even removed the seats to clean every inch of carpet and it seems it was definitely worth it.

The incredible results show her carpet completely clean, with not a bit of mould left in sight.

Needless to say, others were stunned by the incredible results.

“Damn girl! Amazing,” one person wrote.

“Well done that is amazing,” added another.

The front section of the car, with seat removed showing clean black carpet on the driver's side and Aldi Di San
After: The Aldi shopper's car was transformed to look almost brand new thanks to a Di San and Bissell cleaning combo. Photo: Facebook.

How did she do it?

Naturally, dozens of cleaning fanatics had questions about exactly how she did it and how her car got into that state in the first place.

“For those asking how this even happened, my car hasn’t worked since November last year," the owner said.

"It’s been locked up in my driveway.

"Opened it up and BOOM. Mould. Lots of mould.

“But now my car is literally brand new.

"Smells bloody amazing as well!”

She said she used Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover – Degreaser and the Bissell Spot Clean Auto Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

She sprayed the floor and seats with Di San and let it sit for two minutes, before going over it with the Bissell.

Before and after shots of the interior of a vehicle with seats removed. The image on the left shows mouldy and grimy carpet. The image on the right shows it restored to black.
Looks like Di San works well on more than just clothes and tile grout. Photo: Facebook.

Although it “took a while and two water changes” the results certainly speak for themselves.

Fellow cleaning enthusiasts agreed the popular Aldi product offered the best results.

“Aldi stain remover is the best and cheapest, it definitely works,” one person commented.

“Awesome results. I love the Aldi stain remover for all sorts of things,” added another.

A bright pink and gold spray bottle of Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover 750ml – Degreaser against a white background.
The popular Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover – Degreaser is the cleaner of choice when it comes to the Aldi Di San range. Photo: Aldi.

A word of warning

But she did have some tips for getting it done safely, especially when removing car seats and dealing with a lot of mould.

She engaged a professional to remove and refit the seats to safety standards.

“Only remove the seats if you know what you are doing, because there are also electrical parts that need to be re-plugged into the seats, and if you get them wet they won’t work again,” she cautioned.

“Also, please always wear a face mask and gloves when dealing with mould.”

So there you have it!

Looks like Di San does more than remove clothes stains after all.

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