$2.50 Aldi buy tackles household job too hard for cleaners

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A budget Aldi cleaning product has done what no professional cleaner could and transformed a household’s filthy sink in a matter of minutes.

Aldi has a bevvy of loyal fans thanks to many of its budget buys delivering often astounding cleaning results, without the high price tag of other options.

Aldi brand cultbuy cleaning products discovered online
Shoppers have discovered a brand new Aldi cultbuy, and you can pick it up for less than a gold coin. Photo: Supplied

Well, it turns out their humble Crème Cleanser is another hero to add to the growing list, receiving praise online after it managed to completely transform one mum’s dirty sink, even after the professionals had tried and failed to do so.

Uploading a snap of the seriously stained item, marked a deep brown by heavy use of paintbrushes and high traffic, the Aussie mum explained that she had tried to restore the dirty sink by enlisting professional cleaners, but to no avail, promising the snap was taken after they had a go at cleaning up the mess.

Stained sink before Aldi crème cleanser transformation
Not even the pro's could lift the deep-seated stain from the sink. Photo: Supplied

“The before is after professional cleaners had a go, and the after is after I used this awesome stuff from Aldi,” the woman wrote.

She swears it was all thanks to Aldi’s $2.50 Power Force Pro Crème Cleanser that she was left with an incredible, sparkling white sink once again.

“It was super cheap and super quick and easy to use!” she reports. “It’s not perfect, I was just that impressed after a couple of minutes, I had to take a photo!”

Aldi creme cleanser cultbuy miracle results
After a few minutes of cleaning with the crème cleanser, the sink looked as good as new. Photo: Supplied

The lemon fragrance cleaner may retail for less than $3, but if these jaw-dropping snaps are anything to go by it does a priceless job on old utilities around the home,

Don’t think others didn’t notice, either.

The before and after post attracted a startling 400 likes and dozens of impressed comments.

“I’d be getting rid of that ‘professional’ cleaner!” one person wrote.

“I love this stuff!” another concurred. “Great for walls with marks left from the kids too.”

“I’m going to have to give this a go,” another impressed onlooker wrote.

“I use it in the shower and it’s amazing!!!” another fan reported.

It’s not the first time a super cheap item from Aldi had fans of the supermarket going gaga.

Aldi cult buys flogged online

Aldi DiSan Spray eBay flogging
This uber-popular Aldi spray was going for 15x its retail price on eBay. Photo: eBay

Perhaps the most famous cult cleaning buy from the retailer is their Di-San Ultra Degreaser.

With its distinct pink bottle, the spray works wonders on everything from grimy window frames to oven doors caked in food leaving shoppers amazed.

It’s such a hot item that it regularly sells out in some stores around the country, and was even recently being flogged on eBay for a far higher price.

Where the German supermarket sells the spray for a reasonable $1.25, the product was being sold for over 15 times the original price, listed for $30 on eBay.

Safe to say it may just be worth waiting for a restock!

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