'Aldi mum's' coffee pod post causes fierce debate online

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
·2-min read

If there’s one thing people will defend to no end, it’s their choice of coffee.

And one mum has started a fierce debate online, after she asked which coffee pods from Aldi were the best ones.

Aldi coffee pods
One mum's picture of Aldi's Expressi coffee pods has caused a fierce debate online. Photo: Facebook

She explained that she’s a first time buyer and likes her coffee to be ‘strong but not hectic’.

The comments section was immediately flooded with suggestions from people raving over the pods, which fit in the Aldi Expressi coffee machine.

Coffee lovers came out in force to express their love for the coffee pods, with most of the commenters agreeing that numbers nine and 12 are the most popular.

“Number 12 the blue one. The white hot choc and the chai are yummy,” one person wrote.

However another person disagreed saying: “Definitely Velletta No 6, not to strong or weak and it has that sweet taste.”

One person said they choose ‘organic all the way’, while another agreed, saying the green organic pods are ‘the best’.

“Aldi please do a mix box....how awesome would that be,” one person said.

Others gave their suggestions for getting the most coffee out of the pods, with one woman saying that she actually uses two pods for one cup, making it a lot stronger.

How to store coffee pods
Another mum shared her clever hack for keeping her pods handy. Photo: Renae Gaiter
Storing coffee pods in a kitchen
People are loving the genius $6 hack. Photo: Renae Gaiter

Last month, another Aldi Mum shared her husband’s genius $6 hack for storing their coffee pods in the kitchen.

“My partner has come home from the hardware shop with a strip of plastic sheet joiner! (4.5mm in size) ONLY COST $6 and cut it into strips, used double sided tape to stick it to my cupboards (use coffee pods to figure out width needed) and bam I now have my counter space back, but also a neat efficient way to store and use my coffee pods! They simply slide out one by one as you need,” she wrote, alongside a series of images of the hack.

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