Aldi and Ecovacs team up for unmissable robot vacuum sale

We all love a clean and tidy home but not many of us actually enjoy the cleaning part and with spring cleaning calling, here comes Aldi to the rescue.

The discount supermarket is once again offering the Ecovacs robot vacuum and mop that will give you back your time while leaving you with a sparkling home.

And Aldi fans are already excited about the upcoming sale with shoppers asking for reviews from people that bought one last time.

Left: An Aldi/Ecovacs robot vacuum and mop cleaning a modern apartment. Right: An Ecovacs robot returning to its docking station
The Ecovacs robo mop and vacuum is back at Aldi in time for spring cleaning. Photo: Supplied

"Love ours, having 2x dogs, it works hard. Great buy. No issues," one man wrote on the Aldi Fans Australia facebook page.

"My wife bought the Deebot robovac this morning. This thing is awesome!!!

"Unbelievable how much it picks up. Love watching it go on its merry way," another commented when they were last on sale.

"I have this one and love it," a third wrote.

And it's easy to understand why.

Not only does it have a range of high-end features including advanced mapping and app customisation, it also has powerful mopping and vacuuming technology designed specifically with Australian homes in mind.

It's key features include:

  • Advanced Mapping and App Customisation: The Deebot Neo can intelligently navigate a user’s home, choosing which rooms and floors to clean, and customising the optimum cleaning path for each respective floor.

  • Powerful 2-In-1 Mopping And Vacuuming In A Single Pass: Ecovacs revolutionary pressure-retention system optimises energy, and its fan blades are reinforced with high-strength glass fibre rotating at up to 19,000RPM.

  • Compatible with Auto-Empty Station: Available separately from ECOVACS, the Auto-Empty station can hold the dust and hair collected for up to 30 days, dramatically reducing the need to frequently clean the dustbin, so users can enjoy a clean home for weeks with peace and ease.

  • Automatic charging and continuous cleaning: If the battery is low, the robotic vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its docking station, then continues cleaning once fully charged.

  • Mapping of several levels: Scan and store multiple maps for different floors of your home and customize which room you’d like the robot to clean on each floor.

  • App control: You can use the app to conveniently control your robot from your phone or home device and schedule a cleaning time or check the current cleaning status.

  • Customised Cleaning: customise specific suction power, water flow and cleaning sequences for each room in the home

  • Smart Home Device Compatibility: Link your Google Home or Amazon Echo to your robot to experience convenient, hands-off controls.

  • Stress free updates: The intuitive robot manages its own updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology, keeping your robot up to date and ensuring you have the latest features and optimisations.

  • High Efficiency Air Filter: With its high efficiency filter, your robot will reduce airborne triggers while vacuuming, allowing you to breathe easy while your robot cleans.

The best thing by far though is the price.

Instead of paying the normal retail price of $799, it will be on sale at Aldi for just $399.

No wonder it sold out when it first launched earlier this year.

"Australians have told us loud and clear that they are spending too much time on chores, and simply don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done," says Karen Powell, Ecovacs Regional Director of Australia & New Zealand.

"They are also more open to embracing home robots than ever before, with many craving a robot vacuum more than any other appliance.

"All of this combines to make this year’s Spring Cleaning season a watershed moment for robot vacuums and mops in Australia.

"It is wonderful to be working with ALDI once again to make such advanced cleaning technology as accessible as possible as we strive to help as many Australians as possible to say goodbye to home cleaning and hello to Chore:Life balance," Karen added.

"We are so pleased to continue our ongoing relationship with Ecovacs which has time and again been greeted with outstanding excitement from Aldi customers," Shay Stearnes, Buying Director, Aldi Australia said.

"The Deebot Neo is an exceptional offering with cutting edge, time-saving technology we know our customers will be eager to get their hands on," Shay added.

The Ecovac Deebot Neo is available in Aldi stores from Saturday 10th September until sold out. Check the Aldi Stock availability page to see if there are any in your local store.

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