Adam Scott tries to escape Lumon Industries in “Severance” season 2 first look

Apple TV+ unveiled the mysterious first season 2 footage on Monday.

It's time to return to the office for Severance season 2.

<p>Apple TV/YouTube</p>

Apple TV/YouTube

At Monday's 2024 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple TV+ shared a sneak peek at a bunch of new and returning shows and films including the first look at the next season of Adam Scott's mysterious office-set sci-fi series.

The sizzle reel reveals Mark (Scott) is back at Lumon Industries after his innie/outie personas were set back to normal after the events of the season 1 finale. Mark wakes up on the conference room table, and then is seen racing through the halls of the office trying to escape. He's also shown carrying bright blue balloons through the hallways, but his facial expression couldn't be less cheerful.

The new footage begins about 44 seconds in during the sizzle reel below:

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Severance stars Scott as Mark, an office worker who has undergone a medical procedure to "sever" his office memories from his outside life memories. But throughout season 1, he begins to uncover a conspiracy and web of lies from both sides of the operation. By the end of the finale, he realizes his late wife Gemma is actually alive and has worked with him this whole time as the severed Ms. Casey (Dichen Lachman). However, his innie/outie lives have once again been separated so there's no telling if he'll even remember this discovery when season 2 begins.

The series previously announced a whole slew of new hires joining for season 2: Alia Shawkat (Search Party), Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), John Noble (Fringe), Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie), Bob Balaban (The Chair), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The Tourist), Robby Benson (Beauty and the Beast), and Stefano Carannante (Mirabilia). They'll join returning cast members Scott, Lachman, Patricia ArquetteJohn Turturro, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Jen Tullock, Tramell Tillman, Michael Chernus, and Christopher Walken.

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Severance was created and written by Dan Erickson with executive producer and director Ben Stiller, and while they've been vague on season 2 details, Stiller previously promised Entertainment Weekly that answers to all the show's mysteries are coming. "There are these very obvious questions that were posed at the end of season 1 that we understand people are wondering about and feel a responsibility in some way to make season 2 a satisfying experience for them in regards to that and in the world of the show," Stiller said.

And if you think you've guessed where Severance is going, Erickson revealed he hasn't seen a single fan correctly solve the mystery yet. "Not completely, no," he said. "There was someone who had a really interesting theory about Ricken and the three beds and how that tied into the greater mystery and I'm like, 'That's fascinating, but no comment.'"

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