What A Movie About Enemies Who Become Lovers That You'll Always Watch If It's On?

Some of the best romance movies follow a couple that initially seems all wrong for one another. You know the type: enemies who turn out to be lovers.

One of the most recent examples is Anything But You, in which Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell play two people who have an intense one-night stand only to become sworn enemies before circling back to lovers.

Two actors portraying shock, a woman clutching a cooking pot and a man beside her, indoors
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And you simply can't forget about The Proposal, where Sandra Bullock all but forces Ryan Reynolds to marry him so she can obtain American citizenship.

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There's also the funny and tender Fire Island, where Joel Kim Booster and Conrad Ricamora feud while separately vacationing on Fire Island in New York. However, over the course of their trips, they come to realize they actually have a ton in common.

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Now, do you consider How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days an enemies-to-lovers film? Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are clearly at odds for much of the film, even if the other doesn't know it.

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson smiling and walking in a scene from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days."
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There's also Something's Gotta Give, What Happens In Vegas, Pride and Prejudice, and the list goes on.

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So tell us in the comments below or in this anonymous form your favorite film about foes turned partners. Your answer might even feature in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!