Abbie Chatfield bares it all in topless Insta snap: 'Freeing'

Abbie Chatfield is 'freeing the nipple' in her latest Instagram post, baring all in a topless photo at the beach to encourage body love.

The former Bachelor star and I'm A Celebrity 2021 winner shared seven reasons why going topless at the beach (with sunscreen of course) can be so "freeing".

abbie chatfield topless instagram photo
Abbie Chatfield 'freed the nipple' on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

"Reasons 2 be topless at the beach!!!!! (If u want to, but pls remember sunscreen x)," the It's A Lot podcast host wrote.

  1. "Swimming with free titties is the best feeling in the world

  2. No sand in bikini top

  3. Paparazzi can’t sell photos of a 'wardrobe malfunction'

  4. It’s hot

  5. It’s freeing

  6. You can hear people having conversations about it as you walk past them, we love a conversation starter!

  7. Nipples do NOT need to be sexualised. See: male presenting ppl"

"Can Instagram pls allow nipples I’m sick of this," she concluded the post.


Her followers praised her for the post with one person commenting: "I envision a world where we no longer need to guess what could possibly under stars."

abbie chatfield
The star was praised by her followers for the snap. Photo: Instagram

"Yes our queen spilling straight facts," another wrote.

"Totally agree! Love this post! Free the nipple instagram! Stop sexualising women nipples," fellow Bachie alum Jay Rose Lal commented.

While former Big Brother star Tully Smyth wrote: "Queen".

Abbie also quipped in the comments: "Comment how long u think till this is taken down."

To which one person responded: "Sending good energy that it is never removed and it lives on the internet forever and ever."

It comes after Abbie was also praised for another relatable bikini post back in December in which she proudly displayed her shaving rash.

"PSA: the new trend is shaving rash!!" she wrote.

The lilac coloured bikini, and her fresh hair received plenty of praise from her followers, but it was her inclusion of "some normality" that had people cheering.

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