A third of vegetarians eat meat when drunk

If you're constantly trying to get your vegetarian friends to eat bacon, worry no more - a new study says they're probably already doing so when drunk.

According to money-saving site Voucher Codes Pro in the U.K, a third of vegetarians cheat on their plant-based diets after just a few drinks.

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They reached the conclusion by asking nearly 1,800 vegetarians about their drunk eating habits, with 37 per cent revealing they regularly ate meat following a big night out.

Of those 37 per cent, 35 percent said they eat meat every time they're drunk, while 26 percent said it happens "fairly often."

In addition, they're not just going for a single pork chop - it turns out vegetarian meat eaters have quite the gourmet taste, with kebabs at the top of their list (39 per cent), followed by beef burgers (34 per cent), bacon (27 per cent), fried chicken (19 per cent) and pork sausages (14 per cent).

But with meat-eating comes great shame - 69 per cent of respondents admitted they don't tell other people when they chow down on the bacon.

Photo: Thinkstock.
Photo: Thinkstock.

Brian Kateman, co-founder and president of the Reducetarian Foundation argues that these sorts of vegetarians shouldn't be criticised.

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"Why should we criticise the growing number of individuals who occasionally eat meat, say, 10 pounds per year, when many of us are eating way too many hamburgers and drumsticks?" Kateman asked. "The difference between 200 and 10 pounds of meat per year is far greater than the difference between 10 and zero pounds of meat per year."

The reasoning behind why vegetarians reach for meat while under the influence is unclear, but most meat-eaters will probably argue that no-one can withstand the temptation of bacon for too long.

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