A sustainable solution to the tampon shortage

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Modibodi (Modibodi)

You may have heard about the great tampon shortage of 2022.

Thanks to global supply chain problems, caused by the pandemic, being able to buy period products is proving a real punishment, and an expensive one at that. Some people on Tiktok have even claimed to have paid US$114 for a box of 18 Tampax!

There’s even research on the increasingly steep increase in prices for period products, with the average cost of a package of menstrual pads up 8.3% and tampons up 9.8% in a year. No wonder your budget has been feeling a bit stretched.

As if the price isn’t enough to give you second thoughts about pads and tampons, another scary fact is that they take 500 to 800 years to breakdown, meaning every disposable product you ever used is still in landfill somewhere.

Enter Modibodi, absorbent apparel.

Utilising proprietary innovation, Modibodi designs conscious apparel for periods, pee and bodily leaks; whilst championing education, open conversation and initiatives that challenge shame and stigma.

Pop on a pair and go

Modibodi products look and feel like everyday apparel - underwear, swimwear, maternity wear and active wear - but with in-built protection thanks to their scientifically proven leak protecting technology. They eliminate the need for pads, tampons and liners, meaning they offer waste-free, leak-free, worry-free protection. All you have to do before you wear your Modibodi’s is pop them through the wash to help activate the built-in technology in the gusset of the undies.

How period undies work

Founded in 2013, Modibodi® is Australia’s original absorbent apparel brand, designing underwear, swimwear, active wear, maternity wear and reusable nappies to replace disposable hygiene products and offer a sustainable solution to manage periods, incontinence, discharge, breast milk leaks, sweat and more.

To develop Modibodi’s original patented Modifier Technology, Modibodi worked with chemical engineers, garment developers, textile mills and scientists, then conducted almost 1000 scientific tests over 18 months to get it right. You’ll notice the benefits of all that technology in the quality of their leak-proof underpants.

The technology in the absorbent lining is only 3mm thick and can hold up to 20ml or three to four tampons’ worth of moisture. The top layer of the lining is made from Merino wool that wicks away moisture to keep you fresh and dry. The microfibre terry middle layer safely absorbs fluid and odour and locks it away, whilst the bottom layer acts as a breathable, waterproof barrier for secure leak-proof protection.

Modibodi also offers different levels of absorbency from Super-Light to Maxi and each pair lasts up to 100 washes.

More comfort, more confidence

Modibodi period undies feel just as comfortable as regular underwear for girls, women and people who menstruate.

These absorbent undies come in lots of different styles and there’s even a choice of colours and trendy prints, including their new limited-edition PUMA x Modibodi sports range, designed to ensure you never have to sit out of the game while you have your period.

Cheaper than tampons or pads

Modibodi period undies can last for up to two years. At $30 a pair, that works out to around $1.20 a period, which is a lot cheaper than the cost of tampons or pads.

It’s also super easy to buy a pair of period undies in your size and choice of style at www.modibodi.com, which should save you a trip to the drugstore as well as quite a few dollars.

Good for you, good for the planet

Modibodi makes reusable apparel to manage life’s leaks because it’s better for your body...and better for the planet. Their products are made from breathable, responsibly sourced, premium fabrics and are an eco-friendly way to manage periods, pee and leaks, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Modibodi is committed to reducing our reliance on single-use items such as pads and tampons and disposable nappies to manage our periods and other leaks. These ‘convenient’ products come with an inconvenient environmental cost.

With challenges in accessibility to period care tipped to continue into 2023, there’s never been a better time to switch to Modibodi. You don’t have to be at the mercy of high prices and limited supplies because, thanks to Modibodi, there’s a better way to manage periods, and life’s leaks.

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