75 Spring Crafts To Add Some Colorful Cheer to Your Home

Spring is such a happy season with warmer temperatures, bursts of color and overall freshness. After a long winter, it feels good to bring some new life into our homes. A great way to do that is with some easy spring craft projects that focus on nature and cheerful colors. 

Usually, with the start of spring, we focus on spring cleaning and yard work. However, once the winter clutter is removed, it's time for a whole new look. Whether you are looking to accessorize your table, add a DIY wreath to the door or get ready for the Easter holiday, there is a perfect craft project for preschoolers, kids and adults alike.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you will love our collection of 75 spring crafts. Just browse through the list of ideas to see which ones appeal to you. Since most of them are easy to complete, you can definitely pick more than one! 

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75 Spring Crafts

1. Leather Pom Pom Bookmarks

<p>Delineate Your Dwelling</p>

Delineate Your Dwelling

Add a burst of spring color to your reading with these cute pom pom bookmarks. Check out Amy's tutorial at Delineate Your Dwelling.

2. Spring Straw Hat Wreath

<p>The Crazy Craft Lady</p>

The Crazy Craft Lady

Looking for a unique door wreath this spring? Aimee at The Crazy Craft Lady shows you how to make a welcoming wreath out of a straw hat.

3. Repurposed Paint Pail Basket

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

See how easy it is to transform an old paint pail into a sweet Easter basket. A little burlap and twine give the pail a whole new look—and your toddler will love carrying this around the house. Check out the tutorial at Rustic Crafts & DIY.

4. Terra Cotta Pots Spring Wreath

<p>The Ponds Farmhouse</p>

The Ponds Farmhouse

This beautiful wreath by Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse would be well worth the effort it takes to put it together. What's not to love about painted pots and fresh flowers? The nice thing is that the wreath could be used over and over by simply adding fresh flowers each spring.

5. Bunny and Chick Twine Wrapped Eggs

<p>Ruffles and Rain Boots</p>

Ruffles and Rain Boots

These twine-wrapped eggs are sure to bring a smile. The adorable chick and bunny eggs are perfect for some whimsical spring decor. Check out the full tutorial at Ruffles and Rain Boots.

6. Colorful Button Bouquet

<p>Aubree Originals</p>

Aubree Originals

Here's a fun way to repurpose a salt shaker! Whether you have given up salt or not, an empty shaker is the perfect container for a button bouquet. Find the easy tutorial at Aubree Originals.

7. Tin Can Windchime

<p>Hearth and Vine</p>

Hearth and Vine

Spring is the perfect time to sit outside and hear the birds chirping and the windchimes chiming! Patti at Heath and Vine shows how easy it is to make your own windchime using tin cans. With the beautiful design, you would never realize it all started with a few empty cans.

8. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

<p>Sugar Maple Farmhouse</p>

Sugar Maple Farmhouse

When spring flowers begin to bloom, you can prolong their life by pressing them and then making them into bookmarks. Check out Rachel's tutorial at Sugar Maple Farmhouse.

9. Spring Flowers Bookpage Bookmarks

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

Recycle old bookpages to make bookmarks for current reads. By sketching some flowers onto the pages, you have a perfect bouquet of markers for all of your books. See how these laminated bookmarks are made at Rustic Crafts & DIY.

10. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

<p>Place Of My Taste</p>

Place Of My Taste

Do you love the look of painted pots but aren't gifted in painting? No worries! Place Of My Taste shows how to decorate pots by decoupaging that looks just like paint.

11. Industrial Flower Craft

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

You can make flowers out of almost anything. If you like an industrial style, an old faucet handle is the perfect shape for a flower. Check out the easy tutorial at Rustic Crafts & DIY.

12. Wooden Bead Carrot Craft

<p>PA Country Crafts</p>

PA Country Crafts

How cute are these wooden bead carrots by Lindsay at PA Country Crafts? With the start of spring gardening, they make a perfect decoration. Great for the Easter Bunny too!

13. Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft

<p>Hunny I'm Home DIY</p>

Hunny I'm Home DIY

Cupcake liners aren't just for making cupcakes or muffins! Create a festive bouquet for your spring table or party. Emily at Hunny I'm Home will show you just what to do.

14. Painted Stripes Mason Jar

<p>Lovely Etc.</p>

Lovely Etc.

Turn a plain mason jar into a fun vase for flowers with paint. The painted stripes are cheery and perfect for spring. Check out Carrie's tutorial at Lovely Etc.

15. DIY Garden Stakes

<p>Consumer Queen</p>

Consumer Queen

With spring in the air, many of us are thinking about planting our gardens. To keep track of where and what is planted, garden stakes are a must. Melissa at Consumer Queen has a great tutorial for turning spoons into colorful garden markers.

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16. DIY Washi Tape Flowers

<p>DIY Candy</p>

DIY Candy

Create a colorful bouquet that will last all season long by making your own flowers with washi tape. Although it may look time-consuming, the flowers only take minutes to make. Amy at DIY Candy shows you how.

17. Spring Tableware

<p>My Wee Abode</p>

My Wee Abode

Create a pretty spring table arrangement by decoupaging a napkin onto a clay pot. Julie at My Wee Abode shows you just how easy it is.

18. DIY Solar Mason Jars

<p>Consumer Queen</p>

Consumer Queen

When the weather gets warmer, we like to be outside as much as possible. These DIY solar mason jars by Melissa at Consumer Queen help to light things up in the evening. Not only do they provide a needed function but they look pretty too.

19. Paper Beads For Spring Bling

<p>Mod Podge Rocks</p>

Mod Podge Rocks

Looking for a little spring bling? Amy at Mod Podge Rocks shows how you can easily make your own paper beads. Then, all you have to do is string some up for jewelry or a decorative garland.

20. Spring Door Basket

<p>Our Tiny Nest</p>

Our Tiny Nest

This sweet door basket is the perfect decoration for spring. The faux carrots for the basket are quick and easy to make. Nicolle at Our Tiny Nest shows you how.

21. Cherry Blossom Spring Wreath

<p>Happy Happy Nester</p>

Happy Happy Nester

For a fresh and soft look this spring, you can't go wrong with a cherry blossom wreath. See how Janine at Happy Happy Nester put this beauty together.

22. Spring Beaded Frames Craft

<p>Thistle Key Lane</p>

Thistle Key Lane

Transform any plain wooden frame into a pretty display for spring images. All you need are some wooden beads and paint and Michelle at Thistle Key Lane will show you what to do.

23. DIY Birdhouse

<p>First Day of Home</p>

First Day of Home

Attract birds to your yard this spring with a cute and welcoming birdhouse. Crissy at First Day of Home gives you the full tutorial.

24. DIY Wood Carrots

<p>My Recipe Confessions</p>

My Recipe Confessions

Create some realistic-looking carrots out of wood with these easy instructions from Carrie at My Recipe Confessions. They make a fun table decoration for spring.

25. Macramé Eggs

<p>A Wonderful Thought</p>

A Wonderful Thought

Never throw out those plastic Easter eggs! They can be easily transformed into some lovely spring decor. Kimberly at A Wonderful Thought shows how to cover an egg with macramé.

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26. DIY Tapered Spring Candles

<p>Alice and Lois</p>

Alice and Lois

What better way to bring in some spring color than with homemade taper candles in pastel colors? Get the tutorial at Alice and Lois.

27. DIY Fabric Mushrooms

<p>Dans le Lakehouse</p>

Dans le Lakehouse

If you don't have any luck with mushroom hunting in the spring, simply whip up your own. Tanya at Dans le Lakehouse shows how to make these soft and pretty mushrooms to display.

28. Felt Flower Coasters

<p>Molly and Mama</p>

Molly and Mama

Switch out your coasters for the Spring season with easy-to-make felt flowers. Check out Molly and Mama for the tutorial.

29. Felt Bunny Decor

<p>Fun Cloth Crafts</p>

Fun Cloth Crafts

How sweet is this felt bunny and perfect for hanging? Anna at Fun Cloth Crafts shows just how to make it.

30. Lavender Sachets

<p>Sustain My Craft Habit</p>

Sustain My Craft Habit

When you get ready to start your spring cleaning, you may want to make some lavender sachets to freshen your drawers. See how to make these at Sustain My Craft Habit.

31. DIY Floral Clutch

<p>Design Improvised</p>

Design Improvised

Update an old clutch with pretty flowers to use as a spring accessory. If you don't have an old clutch, simply pick one up at a thrift store! Then, see how Haeley at Design Improvised works her magic.

32. Bunny Garland

<p>DIY Candy</p>

DIY Candy

Seasonal garlands are always fun to create and decorate with. Check out the tutorial for this bunny garland at DIY Candy.

33. Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes

<p>A Piece Of Rainbow</p>

A Piece Of Rainbow

These pretty trinket dishes are made by decoupaging images on oyster shells. Check out the full tutorial at A Piece Of Rainbow.

34. Mushroom Patches

<p>My Poppet</p>

My Poppet

Patches can either cover up a hole or add a decorative touch to clothing or accessories. These cute mushroom patches are perfect for the spring season. See the tutorial at My Poppet.

35. Eggshell Centerpiece

<p>Ohoh Deco</p>

Ohoh Deco

Here is a unique idea! Fill eggshells with Spring blooms for a pretty centerpiece. Get the details at Ohoh Deco.

36. DIY String Easter Eggs

<p>The Merry Thought</p>

The Merry Thought

For a neutral spring palette, you can't go wrong with these sweet and simple string eggs. Get the easy tutorial from The Merry Thought.

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37. Easy Pressed Flower Bookmarks

<p>Lovely Indeed</p>

Lovely Indeed

Kids love to pick dandelions for Mom. Now you have a fun way to display them in the form of a bookmark. And, the kids can even help! Check out the easy tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

38. Crocheted Easter Basket

<p>Delia Creates</p>

Delia Creates

If you love to crochet, you'll want to check out the pattern and tutorial for making this Easter basket at Delia Creates.

39. DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

<p>Homey Oh My</p>

Homey Oh My

For a sophisticated look, decorate your Easter eggs to look like marble. Ann at Homey Oh My shows you exactly what to do.

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40. Napkin Petal Vases

<p>Centsational Style</p>

Centsational Style

Sometimes it's easier to find pretty napkins than pretty vases. Kate at Centsational Style shows you how you can have both by decoupaging napkins onto plain vases. A win-win!

41. Paper Flower Spring Centerpiece

<p>Lovely Indeed</p>

Lovely Indeed

Use your Cricut to make a pretty floral centerpiece. Check out Lovely Indeed for all of the details and a free template.

42. Updated Spring Planters

<p>At Home With Ashley</p>

At Home With Ashley

Update plain planters by adding geometric shapes and paint. The look is so fresh and modern. At Home With Ashley gives all of the instructions.

43. Fake Ice Cream Decor Craft

<p>Make Life Lovely</p>

Make Life Lovely

Although this ice cream looks very real, it's for decor purposes only. Laura from Make Life Lovely shows how to make a variety of displays perfect for your spring party.

44. DIY Clay Decanter

<p>Sugar and Cloth</p>

Sugar and Cloth

This clay decanter is such a nice addition to a bar cart and it's actually a bit easier to make than you might think. See all of the details at Sugar and Cloth.

45. Fruit Inspired Storage Baskets

<p>Studio DIY</p>

Studio DIY

Take any basket and add some embellishments and you have something cheery and Spring-like. See how these fruit-inspired baskets were put together at Studio DIY.

46. DIY Tea Towels

<p>Crafts by Amanda</p>

Crafts by Amanda

These painted tea towels are just the thing to brighten up your kitchen. Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda.

47. Fairy House Mason Jar

<p>The Country Chic Cottage</p>

The Country Chic Cottage

Create an adorable mason jar fairy house that is perfect for spring decorating. Angie at The Country Chic Cottage has the full tutorial.

48. Painted Animal Easter Eggs

<p>Lia Griffith</p>

Lia Griffith

These adorable animal eggs are sure to bring a smile. See how to make them at Lia Griffith.

49. Crochet Carrots

<p>Craft Passion</p>

Craft Passion

If you love to crochet, these carrots are a must for the spring season. See all the details at Craft Passion.

50. Easter Bunny Decor

<p>Manda Panda Projects</p>

Manda Panda Projects

This cute arrangement looks like wood but it's not. See how it is made at Manda Panda Projects.

51. Moss Covered Bunny Canvas

<p>Domestically Creative</p>

Domestically Creative

What says spring more than a moss-covered bunny canvas? See how to make it at Domestically Creative.

52. Origami Butterfly

<p>Mad In Crafts</p>

Mad In Crafts

Whether you make origami butterflies to scatter on a table or use in a garland, they are sure to liven up a space for Spring. Check out the tutorial at Mad In Crafts.

53. Paper Flower Centerpiece

<p>The Happy Scraps</p>

The Happy Scraps

This colorful display of blooms was actually made with paper. Check out the tutorial at The Happy Scraps.

54. Spring Floral Wall Hanging

<p>A Hundred Affections</p>

A Hundred Affections

For a bit of a boho style, this floral wall hanging is the perfect thing to make. See how it was put together at A Hundred Affections.

55. Wood Dough Bowl Centerpiece

<p>The Roots of Home</p>

The Roots of Home

A dough bowl makes the perfect container for a spring centerpiece. See how The Roots of Home put this together.

56. Minimalist Spring Wreath

<p>Taryn Whiteaker</p>

Taryn Whiteaker

Sometimes less is more and this simple wreath by Taryn Whiteaker shows that it doesn't take much to bring in a perfect splash of color for spring.

57. DIY Bunny Napkins

<p>Squirrelly Minds</p>

Squirrelly Minds

Get an instant spring look by embellishing some plain white napkins. Get the easy tutorial from Squirrelly Minds.

58. Pom Pom Pillows



When you need a little splash of color, just add pom poms to a pillow! See the details at Melodrama.

59. Painted Easter Eggs

<p>Posh Little Designs</p>

Posh Little Designs

These painted eggs are so pretty and delicate. Even though it may look difficult, Posh Little Designs lays out exactly what to do.

60. Geometric Paper Easter Egg



For a more abstract look for Spring, see how to make this bright and cheery geometric egg wall art. Lexy at Proper shows how fun it is to put this together.

61. Woven Paper Basket

<p>Lia Griffith</p>

Lia Griffith

See how easy it is to make your own basket with paper! Lia Griffith shows you the step-by-step instructions.

62. Pinecone Petal Bloom

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

Create flowers from things found in nature. A pinecone petal makes a great flower petal! Check out the details at Rustic Crafts & DIY.

63. Jelly Bean Topiary

<p>Simply Designing</p>

Simply Designing

Jelly beans are full of pastel color goodness. Simply Designing shows how to use jelly beans to make pretty topiaries.

64. Bird's Nest Napkin Ring

<p>Peacock Ridge Farm</p>

Peacock Ridge Farm

Create a stylish table for spring with an easy-to-put-together bird's nest napkin ring. The result is so fresh and pretty. See Peacock Ridge Farm for the tutorial.

65. Watercolor Eggs

<p>Oh My Creative</p>

Oh My Creative

These watercolor eggs are perfect for a colorful spring display. See how to paint them at Oh My Creative.

66. Fresh Flower Easter Basket

<p>Paper and Stitch</p>

Paper and Stitch

What is more perfect for spring than fresh flowers? This pretty basket is covered with them. See how it was put together and Paper and Stitch.

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67. No Sew Fabric Flowers

<p>Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom</p>

Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

Get out your scrap fabrics to make these cute and cheery fabric flowers. See how easy they are to make at Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom. No sewing machine required!

68. DIY Forsythia Wreath

<p>Stone Gable Blog</p>

Stone Gable Blog

Welcome spring with a bright and cheery forsythia wreath. See how to put one together at Stone Gable Blog.

69. Felted Easter Eggs

<p>The House That Lars Built</p>

The House That Lars Built

These adorable Easter eggs are made to last. Even if you have never felted before, you may want to tackle it with the tutorial provided by The House That Lars Built.

70. Wood Bead Easter Bunnies

<p>The Craft Patch</p>

The Craft Patch

These little wooden bead Easter bunnies are so adorable. Whether on their own, as a napkin ring or a jar topper, they all are perfect for spring. Check out how to make them at The Craft Patch.

71. Cupcake Liner Flowers

<p>Skip To My Lou</p>

Skip To My Lou

Why use cupcake liners to make cupcakes when you can create these pretty and delicate flowers? Check out the tutorial at Skip To My Lou.

72. Pom Pom Chicks

<p>Fireflies And Mudpies</p>

Fireflies And Mudpies

You can't get much sweeter than a cute little pom pom chick. Displayed in or near a cracked eggshell is the ultimate look! See how easy it is to make these at Fireflies and Mudpies.

73. Bunny Candy Jars



Turn a mason jar into a cute bunny candy jar in just a few simple steps. See how it's done at Craft-O-Maniac.

74. Fruit Drink Glasses

<p>Create Craft Love</p>

Create Craft Love

These drink glasses just look refreshing! As the weather turns warmer, a cool drink is a must. See how to make these fruit-inspired glasses at Create Craft Love.

75. Birch Birdhouses

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

It's easy to create decorative birdhouses out of birch logs. Check out the tutorial at Rustic Crafts & DIY.

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