7 Chic Ways to Tie a Sarong This Summer

Guaranteed to elevate any boring bikini.

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

We made it, team—it’s officially summer! Whether you have a luxe Euro trip planned or are staying local and hanging by the pool, one thing is for certain: a good sarong is a summertime staple. This resort wear mainstay originates from Southeast Asia, where its traditionally worn by both men and women. Made from a long piece of fabric, the ever versatile sarong can be wrapped and tied in various ways.

Whether you're heading to the beach, lounging by the pool, or simply looking to add a touch of glamor to your summer outfits, mastering the art of tying a sarong can seriously elevate your style. Below, we break down seven different ways to tie a sarong, each providing a unique and fashionable twist to your beachwear. From the classic sarong to a one-shoulder dress moment, discover your favorite ways to wear this summer essential.

Neck Wrap

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For a chic, full-coverage look with a halter-top feel, wrap the sarong around your body and bring the ends to the front. Bring the top corners below your armpits, cross them over your chest, and tie them securely behind your neck.

Classic Sarong

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Romain Maurice/Getty Images

You can’t go wrong with the classic sarong. It’s an easy way to elevate a simple bikini for an overall glam beach look. Grab the ends of the fabric at your waist, tie a regular knot, and voila! Beach chic.

Split Front

Chelsea Lauren/BET/Getty Images
Chelsea Lauren/BET/Getty Images

A split front look is quite similar to the classic sarong in how to tie it. The difference is, the classic sarong ties on the side for front coverage, while the split front knot is in the front to show off your legs.

Strapless Dress

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Mark Mainz/Getty Images

To really master this look, we suggest opting for a larger sarong. Hold the sarong horizontally behind your back and bring the top corners to the front, covering your bust. Knot the extra fabric as closely as possible to your chest. This style also offers a decent amount of coverage and can be worn to a post beach lunch.


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Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

If tying knots isn’t your thing, draping your sarong over your shoulders is always a chic option.

One Shoulder

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Don Arnold/Getty Images

Hold the sarong horizontally behind your back, with one end higher than the other. Bring both ends to the front, covering your body, and take the higher end over your shoulder. Secure it by tying it to the other end at your chest or side. Adjust the fabric for a comfortable and chic one-shoulder dress look. To give the billowy look some shape, try adding a chain belt for a touch of glam.

Make it a Mini

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Getty Images

If you find yourself with a smaller sarong, a micro mini skirt is the solution. Fold your sarong in half lengthwise and wrap it around your waist, ensuring both ends are even. Bring the ends to one side of your hip and tie them together in a knot. Tuck in any loose ends and adjust the fabric for a snug and comfortable fit. Once finished…pile on those accessories! We’re talking body chains galore.

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