Six silly season sex facts

Favourite season for sex
Tis the season to be very jolly, with 55 per cent of Australians having more sex during the festive period. Photo: Getty. (Yahoo Lifestyle)
Best Christmas song for sex
Mariah Carey’s classic hit "All I Want For Christmas" is the number one holiday song Aussies like to have sex to, with 22 per cent pressing play to get in the mood. Photo: Columbia Records. (Yahoo Lifestyle)
Sex while dressed up at Santa’s Little Helper
Time to get the sexy elf costume out because 27 per cent of people admit they've had sex while dressed as Santa’s little helper. Why not try: Lovehoney's Sexy Santa Hooded Wrap Dress, $39.96. Photo: Youtube. (Yahoo Lifestyle)
Sex at the in-law's
Apparently the majority of people don’t think twice about having sex in their childhood bedroom, with 86 per cent of respondents saying it’s not a concern getting frisky when staying with family. Photo: Getty. (Yahoo Lifestyle)
Top sexy Xmas gift
65 per cent of Aussies like to unwrap (or give) lingerie on Christmas morning. Why not try: Lovehoney Slay Belle Christmas Pom-Pom Knickers Bauble, $9.98. Photo: Getty (Yahoo Lifestyle)
Favourite holiday for sex
NYE is set to be a big one for 28 per cent of us who say it's their favourite day for sex, followed closely by Christmas Eve at 25 per cent. Photo: Getty. (Yahoo Lifestyle)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons - yummy food, pressies and sunny days - but for more than half of Aussies, Christmas is also a prime time to get busy between the sheets.

A survey by online adult store Lovehoney revealed that 55 per cent of us are at our friskiest during the festive season.

But that’s not all - from sexy Santa fantasies to the Chrissy tunes that couples like to get down and dirty to, here are some of the most X-rated Xmas trends to come out of the survey.

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