6 people reveal their biggest wedding day regrets

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It’s supposed to be the biggest day of a person’s life, but while many will look back at their wedding day with fondness, some have revealed there are things they actually regret.

Brides and grooms have opened up about things – from the guest list, to the dress, to the honeymoon – they wish they had done differently.

Newlyweds share their wedding day regrets. Photo: Getty

Do the photos before the ceremony

A bride named Lacey said her biggest regret and advice she now gives to engaged couples is to get their wedding party photos out of the way before the ceremony. Even though this goes against tradition.

“It’ll save you a ton of stress and headache. The time spent on pictures between the ceremony and reception is long, tedious and frustrating. For you, your party, and the guests. Everyone’s hungry, tired and ready to get the party started,” she told Huffington Post. 

Focus on who, not what, you want there

Newlyweds Curtis and Jordin both wish they had invited more people to their wedding.

“We had to be very intentional with our guest list, because we had a big guest list and a small budget,” they told the publication.

“Looking back, we wish had invited our extended friends and family more liberally. Ten years later, we do not regret missing details or types of decor, we regret the people who weren’t there.”

It’s about who you want there. Photo: Getty

Dj dramas of a different kind

Maddison said she wish she had chosen a different DJ, but not for the reason you might think.

“Our DJ was later arrested for a murder he had committed in the ’90s, so obviously wish our DJ hadn’t also been a murderer, but no one knew at the time,” she revealed.

Delay the honeymoon a day

Tina said she regrets leaving for their honeymoon to Costa Rica the day after their wedding, which didn’t finish until 3am.

“The whole first day of the trip I was exhausted and hung over,” she told Brides.

Spend more time with your guests

“We didn’t spend enough time with our guests — the people we loved — because we kept getting pulled away for pictures, tossing the bouquet, first dance, eating. It was great but I really wanted to spend time with friends and family,” Ivy also told the publication.

Make sure you try everything on before the day. Photo: Getty

Try the veil

Martyne said she regrets not trying on her veil properly before her wedding day.

“I hated it! I wasn’t comfortable wearing it — the lace kept going into my face — and after our wedding vows, before I arrived at the reception, I tore off the lacy veil part and just left the crown on my head,” she said.

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