$59 Target buy goes viral: 'Ordering it right now'

Parents are desperate to get their hands on the toy to keep their toddlers busy.

An American mother's discovery of a simple and inexpensive toy from Target that keeps her active toddler happily occupied for hours has led parents worldwide scrambling to buy the product.

With a caption that reads, "Seriously my best find this year," the mum posted a brief video showing her 10-month-old gleefully immersed in playtime, courtesy of a Splash-n-Scrub plastic kitchen sink, complete with running water.

The viral video has garnered over 437K views, resonating with parents everywhere seeking news ways to entertain their busy little ones.

Target play sink goes
Parents were eager to know where to buy the toy the mother said kept her busy toddler happy. Photo: TikTok/@alynahhowardTarget sink for kids

The woman revealed that this clever contraption, bought for just $59 (US$25), has been a lifesaver on dreary days when venturing outside is less appealing, and that it keeps her "super active" child stimulated.

The toddler's sink set includes colourful accessories for imaginative play, from pretending to wash dishes using the functional tap, toy dish soap, and scrubbing brush, to watching the dishes change colour with warm water. Once they've splashed and scrubbed, little ones can neatly arrange their cleaned items on the dish rack.

Unsurprisingly, the online community responded quickly, eager to find the toy, or something similar, for their own lively toddlers.


One enthusiastic parent shared, "I bought this so fast for my 11-month-old. She never stops moving and always wants to play in water and climb in the dishwasher."

Another echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, "Thanks, just ordered!" with many more parents voicing how they promptly headed out to purchase the play set or found it online on discovering the TikTok.

"Just bought this as soon as Target opened," one person shared, "My daughter loves it."

Target toy sink set and big w alternative
Target Australia sells the the kitchen sink play set for $59, and similar sets are available at both Big W and Kmart. Photo: Target/Big W

Another excited follower responded, "OMG THEY HAVE IT AT MY TARGET! ORDERING IT RN FOR PICK UP!!!"

The Splash-n-Scrub model of kitchen sink from B.toys is slightly more expensive in Australia and can be purchased for Target for $59, with similar items available at both Big W and Kmart for less than $30, but without the running water feature.

Not having the water could actually be a plus for some folks, as numerous parents pointed out in the comments section of the TikTok. They suggested that having actual water would probably lead to toddlers creating quite a splashy mess.

"My son would have water everywhere," one person said, with another agreeing, "Mine picks hers up and dumps all the water on the ground!"

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