50 Yung Pueblo Quotes to Celebrate Self-Care, Healing and Achieving Inner Peace

Yung Pueblo on TODAY in October 2022

Diego Perez is the man behind Yung Pueblo, the poet and Instagram self-care quote king (with 2.8 million followers). Perez struggled with poverty growing up in Boston after his family immigrated from Ecuador and battled substance abuse when he was in college.

After attending his first Vipassana meditation retreat, he turned his life around. Now, he's a New York Times bestselling author, and you've probably seen some of his quotes and poems in your Instagram feed. In case you haven't, enjoy this collection of Yung Pueblo quotes to dip your toes into his special brand of simple wisdom.

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Yung Pueblo Quotes

1. "When chaos is all around you, the wisest choice is to create peace within you."

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Soheb Zaidi via UnSplash/Parade

2. "Even if past emotions roar as they are released, we do not need to roar back."

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3. "A hero is one who heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same."

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4. "Hold steady and allow yourself to bloom."

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5. "In a society based on speed and productivity, moving slowly is a radical act."

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Craig Pattenaude via UnSplash/Parade

6. "Stay informed, but don’t overwhelm yourself."

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Roman Kraft via UnSplash/Parade

7. "It is only heavy because you are deciding over and over again to carry it."

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Olga Strelnikova/iStock/Parade

8. "Sometimes deeper mental clarity is preceded by great internal storms."

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9. "Do the earth a favor: Don't hide your magic."

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10. "Know that everything changes."

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Bankim Desai via UnSplash/Parade

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11. "Before I could release the weight of my sadness and pain, I first had to honor its existence."

12. "Your peace shines outward and supports the creation of a new harmony."

13. "As you let go, your perspectives and interests will shift."

14. "Transformation is natural as you travel the road to greater self-awareness, happiness, and peace."

15. "I cannot make you happy, but I can commit to support you in the creation of your own happiness."

16. "Loving yourself is not selfish, it is essential to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world."

17. "Loneliness will not go away if we remain far away from ourselves."

18. "Throw away the idea that you need to pause your life until you are fully healed."

19. "Progress happens when you make better decisions in the midst of living."

20. "You can simultaneously heal your past while being open to the present."

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21. "Forcing ourselves to be happy is not genuine or productive; being honest about what we feel while remaining calm and aware is the real work."

22. "It did not happen overnight and it was not given to me by another. I am the maker of the happiness and love growing within me."

23. "Be prepared to meet a new version of yourself every time you shed another layer of old trauma, conditioning, or hurt."

24. "Love is not: 'I will give this to you if you do this for me.' Love is: 'I will give this to you so that you may shine.'"

25. "How do you know you are growing in the right direction? You can breathe more deeply, think more clearly, and feel calmness and happiness flow more strongly through your being."

26. "Help people, but have boundaries."

27. "Phrases that the brave and wise commonly use: 'I don’t know.' 'I'm sorry.' 'Thank you.' 'I love you.'"

28. "Taking a moment to figure out how you really feel instead of letting old patterns decide for you is one of the most authentic things you can do."

29. "Embrace change, but keep pursing your goals."

30. "Embrace change, and loosen up your sense of identity. Let yourself walk a new path. You do not have to ignore or erase the past, You just have to wholeheartedly embrace the present and move on."

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31. "I closed my eyes to look inward and found a universe waiting to be explored."

32. "Do not forget to send your love into the earth, into the water, into the sky."

33. "You have walked through fire, survived floods. and triumphed over demons. Remember this the next time you doubt your own power."

34. "The most widespread affliction that people suffer from is a lack of belief in their own power."

35. "Love others, but don't let them harm you."

36. "Stay informed, but don’t overwhelm yourself."

37. "One of the clearest signs of personal growth is greater self-love, self-awareness, and love for all people."

38. "When we truly begin to let go, happiness will no longer just be our friend, it will become our home."

39. "Storms serve two main purposes: They give you an opportunity to practice acceptance and gentleness and they help you release whatever is coming up."

40. "The world itself is currently shifting from being ruled by the fear of ego to being liberated by the love of consciousness; what we face internally is a microcosm of what humanity faces globally—this is why growing our self-love is a medicine for our earth."

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41. "A real sign of progress is when we no longer punish ourselves for our imperfections."

42. "Assumptions that cannot be verified should not be given the power to make your mind turbulent and ruin your day. The energy of attachment is always looking for a story to fuel itself."

43. "Don't run away from heavy emotions. Honor the anger; give pain the space it needs to breathe—this is how we let go."

44. "I knew I was on the right path when I started feeling peace in situations where I would normally feel tension."

45. "The connection brings you together but the emotional maturity is what makes it work."

46. "Love is freedom, while attachment is control."

47. "Letting go does not mean forgetting, it just means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present."

48. "Love yourself, but don’t become egotistical."

49. "It is a good thing to know yourself, but it is even more worthwhile to free yourself."

50. "Heal yourself, but don't rush."

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