50 'Happy Heavenly Father's Day' Wishes

While families are celebrating dads this Sunday, there are many individuals who will be flooded with more emotions than just joy as they think about the loss of their father (or father figure). Instead of being able to call up their loved one or give them a card, they'll be sharing "Happy Father's Day in Heaven" wishes instead, and thinking about how to best honor them throughout the day.

Losing a father figure can be one of the most alienating and painful things a person goes through in life. Navigating a day like Father's Day on top of that loss adds confusion and possibly even more pain. We hope that these words of comfort can help you to not only get through this Father's Day, but look back on all the happy memories you shared with that special person and remember them for not only who they were to you but who they taught you to be.

If you’re missing your father this year and are looking for short, yet touching "I miss you" messages this Father's Day, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to discover 50 of the best heavenly Father's Day quotes to hopefully help guide you through this day.

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50 "Happy Father's Day in Heaven" Wishes



1. On this Father's Day, I promise that I will continue to follow your legacy. I will continue to walk on the path you showed me. Happy Father's Day.

2. Dad, thank you for being my guiding light. Even though you are not with me today, your love strengthens me and shows me the way every day. Happy Father's Day!

3. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Though I miss you terribly, it brings me comfort to think of you happily celebrating Father's Day with Grandpa this year.

4. Happy Father's Day, Dad. I hope you are having a blast in paradise!

5. I hope you're looking down on us from Heaven and are so proud of the people we've become. We hope that this Father's Day is a special one for you and that you can feel our love all the way up in Heaven. 

6. As I look up at the night sky, I feel that our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy. I can feel you shining very brightly. Happy Father's Day.

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7. On this Father's Day, I send you my love and best wishes from Earth to Heaven. You're forever loved and missed. 

8. Happy Father's Day in Heaven to the most amazing father. Though you're no longer with us, your spirit lives on, and we'll always love and cherish you.

9. Happy Father's Day in Heaven, Dad! I wish you were here to celebrate this day with us. Thank you for being the best father a son could ask for, and for teaching me valuable life lessons that have helped shape who I am today.



10. Happy first Father's Day in Heaven, and may your spirit continue to shine down on us.

11. Dad, it seems like you are with me from Heaven. Even as I celebrate Father's Day without you for the first time, I feel your love and protection around me.

12. I so miss those days when I would do anything to make this day extra special for you. It feels so different this year; Father's Day greetings, Daddy.

13. To my beloved father, happy Father's Day in Heaven! My heart aches for your presence, but I know that you're looking down on us with a smile. Thank you for all the memories and lessons that you've left us with.

14. Though you're not physically here with me, it seems like you are with me from Heaven. It gives me comfort knowing that you are still with me in spirit.

15. The house is so quiet without your melodies, Dad. We hope you're singing loudly in Heaven with all the angels around you.

16. Even though you're not with me today, I can feel you smiling at me from above. Happy Father's Day, Dad. 

17. I miss you. I wish I could see you today on Father's Day, feel your warmth and protection, look at your smile and hug you tight. Happy Father's Day.

18. Sending prayers and love on Father's Day to the person who made this world a beautiful place and always brought a smile to my face. Thanks Dad! Enjoy your home in Heaven. 

19. You've always been a warrior, and that's one thing about you that continues to inspire me. I'll follow in your footsteps and try to match your strength. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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20. It's been a year since you left us, Dad, but it feels like just yesterday. Happy Father's Day in Heaven! Your strength and wisdom continue to inspire me every day.

21. You taught me everything I know and believe in, and you nurtured me to be strong and self-sufficient. Whatever happens, I'll always be your little girl, and I'll always need you.

22. I'm sure you're shining brightly like a star and bestowing your blessings on me. Here is wishing you a very happy Father's Day, Dad.

23. Happy Father's Day Dad. In honor of Father's Day this year, I pledge to be the best person I can be, just like you taught me.

24. Dad, Father's Day has become the saddest day of the year for me. I miss you too much, not just today but every day. I wish you could come back and hug me. Bless me from your place in Heaven, bless me so I can learn to deal with your absence, and bless me so I can find joy and peace in your memories.

25. Happy Father's Day in Heaven, Dad. Say hello to Grandpa and Grandma for me!



26. Daddy, I still can't believe you're gone, but I am sure you are in a better place. Happy Father's Day. Love you.

27. Every Father's Day serves as a somber reminder of your absence from my life. I wish I could go back in time and relive every day of my youth as if it were a great Father's Day celebration, Dad. I'm missing you.

28. I cherish every memory of our family life. Even if it's been a long time since you've been here, I know you're looking down on us with promises of peace and happiness.

29. Thank you for instilling in me the ability to smile in the face of adversity and to believe in myself regardless of what others think. I'll always remember your strength. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

30. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I miss you every day.

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31. Dad, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. Happy Father's Day in Heaven! I hope you're surrounded by peace and joy, and know that you're always loved and remembered.

32. Dad, happy Father's Day in Heaven! Though I can't see you, I know that you're watching over me and guiding me every step of the way. Your love and presence are felt every day, and I'm forever grateful for the time we had together.

33. Dad, even though you're no longer here with us, your love and guidance continue to live on in our hearts. Happy Father's Day in Heaven! I miss you more than words can express.

34. You are always with me, Dad. You're in my heart, in my thoughts, and in every aspect of my being. I love you. Happy Father's Day.

35. Happy Father's Day, Dad. Even though you're not here with us in person, we still think of you every day and miss you so much.

36. I truly hope you are enjoying yourself in Heaven. Happy Father's Day.

37. Dear Husband, you have been my most beautiful gift from God. You were the thread that weaved this family together. Even though you left us for your final abode, you are still our strength and happiness. Warm wishes on Father's Day.

38. Daddy, Happy Father's Day! You were my rock, my mentor and my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, and for instilling in me the values that have helped me navigate life's challenges.

39. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since you left us, but we hold onto the memories of the laughter and joy you brought into our lives. Happy first Father's Day in Heaven, and know that you are forever in our hearts.



40. On this Father's Day, I honor the memory of the greatest father that ever lived. Happy Father's Day in Heaven, Dad! Your legacy of love and kindness will never be forgotten.

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41. Instead of your warmth and laughter, the dinner table this Father's Day is filled with sadness. I miss you so much Dad.

42. No matter how old I get, I will always need you. You have taught me many things in life, including to learn from my mistakes and to stay strong in the face of hardship. Most importantly you taught me how to be a better person. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day.

43. Dad, today I'm sending you all my love and gratitude on this special day. Happy Father's Day in Heaven!

44. I wish you a happy Father's Day! I can't hug you or hear your voice, but I feel your presence and love every day. I hope you're rejoicing with our loved ones in Heaven and know that you're always in our thoughts and hearts.

45. Happy Father's Day. Somehow we have managed to find happiness in your memories. No words are enough to describe what you mean to me and the kids—miss you, darling.

46. We know that you're up in Heaven looking down on us and we hope that you're proud of all we've accomplished. We love you and miss you more than words can say. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

47. Happy Father's Day! I am lucky to have had the best father in the world. Thank you for everything. I love you.

48. Happy Father's Day in Heaven, Dad. I feel your guiding hand is always on my shoulder, steering me in the right direction.

49. Instead of our annual Father's Day dinner, I'm sending a humble prayer your way this year. I hope you receive my loving message in Heaven.

50. Your absence is felt deeply, but your spirit continues to shine this Father's Day through our memories and stories.

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