5 Things You Should Declutter During Memorial Day Weekend

Read this before EOD Monday!

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Mark Powell/Getty Images

Not really known as a big decluttering holiday, Memorial Day Weekend is actually a great time to lighten your load. Between cookouts and honoring the folks who gave their lives in the U.S military (the single most important part of the weekend!), take a quick lap through some of your belongings and see what you can weed out before summer really kicks off. Quick is the key word here. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this. Just spend some chunks of time here and there and focus on these five little areas.

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Old Winter Stuff

If you went all winter without wearing that turtleneck, it’s probably time to pass it along to someone who might. Take a few minutes to pull out anything that no longer fits or didn’t get any use and put it in a donation pile. The goal: Fill at least one bag. A bag’s worth is enough to make a noticeable difference in your closet and you can put it right in your car for drop off. Have you already changed over your closets for the new season? You are on it! But you can still do this. Pull out the bins and grab anything that gave you pause as you were packing it away.

Broken Summer Gear

It happens to the best of us: As the lazy days of summer fade away, we spend the final weekend packing stuff up and promise that Future Us will deal with whatever needs dealing with…later. And then we do not. It’s okay! Just do it this weekend. That pool float that no longer floats? Get rid of it. That plastic lawn chair with a crack in the seat? Buh-bye! That solar pathway light that got destroyed by the lawn mower? Toss it.

Expired Sunscreen

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rules in place to make sure that sunscreen remains at its original strength for at least three years. So if you have a container that you know you bought last year, it will still be totally effective. If you’re not sure or there’s no clearly marked expiration date, get something new. We’ve rounded up the best face sunscreens for everyday use to get you started.

Tote Bags You Don’t Use

Tote bags have a way of multiplying! You used to have a reasonable amount. And now, somehow, you could bag for every shopper at Aldi this weekend. The good news: Shelters and food banks almost always need tote bags! Check with a spot near you to see if they can put them to good use.

Dead Houseplants

First: We’re so sorry for your loss. We know you tried your best to keep that little monstera alive. (For next time, check out this story on how to grow and care for a monstera plant!) Second: Let’s give him the send-off he deserves. As long as he didn’t have a pest infestation, you can mush up the roots and reuse any and all soil that comes loose. Then, say something nice about the plant and either compost him or put him in the trash.

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