5 sexy ideas to try as a new couple this Valentine's Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re a new couple and you don’t want to do the usual going out to dinner date and grand gestures are not your thing.

Enjoying new and sexy ideas together instead can definitely create hot and steamy moments that might end up more memorable than a bunch of roses.

Sex and Relationship Therapist and Womanizer ambassador Pamela Supple has some ideas you can try this v-day. And yes, while it may start with a dinner, the best parts come later.

Valentine’s Day really is the sweetest when you’re a new couple. Photo: Getty
Valentine’s Day really is the sweetest when you’re a new couple. Photo: Getty

You invite your partner over for dinner

“Set the scene and entice your partner with a smorgasbord of delicious treats taking turns in hand feeding, teasing and seducing each other,” Pamela tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Feeling a little kinky?

“Use a silk blind fold and wrist ties. Lie your partner down whilst deciding how you would like to tantalise their body. Try hot or cold sensations, feathers, oils, edible cream, honey, edible chocolate, champagne bubbles, leather or a string of pearls.

“As you tantalise and tease with different erotic sensations, they have to guess what each one is. If they make a mistake a little spank will do the trick.”

What are you thinking about

“During the evening ask each other about your erotic thoughts and ideas and have each other put them in a bowl then choose one each and try it out.”

Add a little fun with a new toy

“Vibrators are a great way to add variation and to help you get to know what each other likes. There are pleasure products designed to be used as a couple to help to make you feel more intimate with each other.”

Use that sexy playlist

“You’ve made your Valentine’s Day playlist so put it on and disappear for a few minutes. Put on your sexy heels and black lace teddy. Use your imagination and step into your seductive self.

“Walk out, keep eye contact the whole time whilst seducing and tantalising you partner when making your moves.

“Confidence is sooo sexy.”

Happy Valentine’s Day. Photo: Getty
Happy Valentine’s Day. Photo: Getty

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