5 hacks for buying and selling second-hand

Do you know what items of value you could have lying around your home? Photo by: Edgar Gomez on Unsplash

It has never been more obvious that Australians love to snap up a bargain or make a quick buck and fossicking for bargains is no longer only an early morning weekend activity.

But what are these sought-after items that we should be buying and selling?

We’ve teamed up with Cash Converters to explore what treasures of value you may have lying around your home, or what you could purchase second-hand for a fraction of its original price.


From Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to Mario Kart 64, classic games are highly sought-after for a range consoles and by a range of age groups. If you’re looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one, you can always turn heads with an old school arcade game. The replay value on console and arcade games are high, but street cred, peer respect and bragging rights is where the real value lies – nothing beats a Goldeneye 007 PvP sesh with your mates.

Want to relive your childhood with an old school gaming console? Picture: Cash Converters


Many people have stunning, jewel-encrusted pieces of jewellery they’ve never worn. If that’s you, why not trade it in for something you want? Rings, necklaces, earrings or watches are one way to make money from forgotten gifts or pick up a timeless piece for a fraction of its original price. You’ll be surprised at what you can find.

You may be surprised what pieces of jewellery you have lying around that you flip. Picture: Cash Converters.


With film photography making a massive comeback, now is the time to sell your vintage Olympus PEN, or buy one so you can start snapping your own 35mm prints – no Instagram filter needed. With hundreds of models available, some aging back to 100 years ago, there is a camera for every budget and skill set. If you have any extra lenses, bags, tripod or gear lying around, be sure to include them if you’re selling your camera for extra cash.

Say goodbye to Instagram filters by snapping up a retro camera. Picture: Photo by Spencer Kaff on Unsplash


Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade, or a quick replacement for the one you broke, purchasing a phone second-hand can save you hundreds. The best time to purchase a used phone is when its successor comes out, so keep an eye on when new models are released.
If you have an old phone at the bottom of a drawer in good condition, wipe its contents and sell it; that is extra money in your bank account for a rainy day.

The best time to buy an iphone is when a new model is released, so keep your eye out. Picture: Aaron Burden on Unsplash .


With one in three Australians working from home, a trustworthy computer is a must for any successful business. Whether you’re looking for a laptop, trusty desktop or a second monitor for that extra professional double-screen setup, do your research or ask your computer-savvy friend to tag along when you hit the shops. Your home office will need everything from basics like a keyboard and mouse to external hard drives, printers and all manner of peripherals, and purchasing them second-hand will see you receive the biggest bargains.

One in three Australians work from home, so it makes sense to have a dynamic set-up. Picture: Cash Converters.

If you think you have something of value lying around at home, Cash Converters Flip It services allow you to borrow against or sell any items of value you have, such as jewellery, gold, watches, iPhones, laptops, guitars and gaming gear.