$4 Kmart hack creates stunning backyard light feature

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Many of us have been trying to jazz up our homes since coronavirus lockdown kicked off in March, and one Facebook user has shared her stunning backyard light feature which she created with a $4 Kmart item.

Taking to the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group, Jody Mather has shared her inventive backyard light features.

One Facebook user has shared her stunning backyard light feature which she created with a $4 Kmart item. Photo: Getty

Jody shared a series of photos of her hanging spider plants which she paired with the $4 Kmart three metre string lights to create a stunning light feature in her backyard.

She joked, "Oh Kmart. You are bad, how could you? I can't even walk past and you drag me in with those sleepy cheap dollar signs. Look what you made me do now!!!! My plants will never be the same again... I'm in love."

A woman has created a stunning light feature using Kmart's three metre string lights. Photo: Facebook

"Ok update: yes plants are real, spider plants, 2 sets of 3m string lights, battery powered on each plant. Lights will not burn the leaves, and keep battery box away from soil when watering," she later added.

The post has since received almost 2,000 comments and almost 9,000 likes from fans who love the look.

"OMG NEED!!!" one excited user wrote, while another added, "Bloody gorgeous!"

Someone else wrote, "Wow wow wow! My next project!"

A fourth said, "Guess I'm buying spider plants and string lights... These would look so pretty on my back deck!"

"OMG NEED!!!" one excited user commented on the photos, while another added, "Bloody gorgeous!" Photo: Facebook

One user even suggested it could be a nice Christmas tree alternative.

Many wrote that they "absolutely love" the idea and would be trying it out immediately.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jody revealed she was “flabbergasted” at the response she received, saying, “My jaw probably hit the ground when I reached 1k likes, you can probably imagine how I'm feeling now with it sitting at 8.7k likes.”

She added, “I only posted to show people how pretty it was and was pretty impressed with myself on how it looks.”

It comes as Kmart's popular Egg Chair returns to stores, much to the excitement of fans.

The $179 item - which sold “like hot cakes” when it was last released during Kmart’s Black Friday sale last November - is much cheaper than many of the more expensive versions available to buy meaning it’s no surprise that many are already saying they can’t get their hands on one.

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