31 Nightmare-Inducing Photos I Found This Month That I Really Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed To See

31 Nightmare-Inducing Photos I Found This Month That I Really Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed To See

1.This positively cursed children's book cover:

Cover of "Jurassic Line" book by Simon Hall featuring illustrations of dinosaurs and trains with a foreword by David Maidment
u/Crimson__Fox / Reddit / Via reddit.com

2.This toilet paper dispenser that just might make you feel like you're being watched:

A modern bathroom with a stainless steel toilet paper dispenser, white textured tiles, and a partial view of a stainless steel toilet
Keecatface / Reddit / Via reddit.com

3.This unfortunate soul, who decided to take the elevator to their office building's top floor, only to interrupt this secret meeting of mannequins:

A dimly lit storage area containing numerous mannequins of various sizes positioned closely together, creating an eerie appearance
UpDra / Reddit / Via reddit.com

4.This child's painting, which would have me googling "how do I schedule an exorcism for my 6-year-old?" ASAP:

Abstract painting with textural brushstrokes that is dark, has a cross, and looks menacing
u/Severe_Cranberry5657 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

5.This headstone that absolutely has some creepy-as-hell backstory as to how it got so worn through:

A small dog is seen through a hole in a weathered stone structure in a grassy cemetery with old tombstones and a church in the background
Hyzyhine / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.This gruesome abandoned hospital room where I can only assume something went horribly, horribly wrong:

Operating room with an overturned surgical table, large spill on the floor, and scattered medical equipment. No persons visible
Monsur_Ausuhnom / Reddit / Via reddit.com

7.This building with a whole-ass house just hanging off of it???

An innovative building with a small upside-down house on its rooftop. A person rides a scooter in front

8.This Nutella and banana crêpe that looks like it hasn't fully rendered yet:

A plate sits on a wooden table holding a partially folded flatbread. Next to the plate is an orange Fanta can and a basket with condiments
Wookie221 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9.This washed-up angler fish that looks like it swam straight out of my nightmares:

Deep-sea anglerfish washed ashore on a sandy beach. The fish has a distinctive round body and sharp teeth, with a long lure protruding from its head
AamirKhan7 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.This warning sign from the local forest administration about...trees walking away???

Warning! Trees may free themselves from their holes. In case of sudden uprooting, please stay calm and report the incident to your local forest administration
Poppeppercaramel / Reddit / Via reddit.com

11.This strangely curly traffic cone that looks like it's from a parallel, slightly more whimsical alternate universe:

A traffic cone with an irregular, spiraling shape is placed on the ground next to a metal shelf outdoors
justawalkingtaco / Reddit / Via reddit.com

12.This clawed-up door that doesn't not look like someone was locked in and trying to escape:

A bathroom door with several scratches and chipped paint around the handle. A white towel hangs to the left
siorourke / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.This driveway that looks like it's at least a foot thick, but apparently isn't??

Concrete driveway leading to a grey, double-garage structure with forested background
Popkin_sammich / Reddit / Via reddit.com

14.This m̷̰̲̝̈́̽̈̎ḙ̸̢̤̖̂̎͆̔͆͌͌a̵̛̠̒̀͐̉̓͒͜t̷̵̝̲̣̙͎̹͉͚̰̰̝̩̫̰͎̪͍͓͌͒̋̈̑͌̽̒̈́̽̆̍͝ shop's sign that's kinda giving a cannibal vibe:

Storefront of "L.A. Fresh Meat" with signs indicating it is open and has an ATM. The store has a large window displaying various posters and products
Klezhobo / Reddit / Via reddit.com

15.This ominous black ring someone spotted in the sky, which is probably aliens, TBH:

A dark, ring-shaped object hangs in the cloudy sky, appearing both during daytime and nighttime
eli_liam / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.This airplane that sucked up a swarm of cicadas into its APU engine, aka a literal nightmare:

Close-up of an airplane engine intake filled with dead birds stuck at the entrance. Technical wiring and parts of the aircraft engine are visible
xplanepilot1 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.This school bus with an ad on it for children's body armor, which is honestly just a reminder of the dystopia we're already living in:

Side view of a yellow school bus with two advertisements; one reads "Be PROACTIVE, Not REACTIVE!" while another promotes child and young adult body armor
GreatValueDrPhil / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.The way the bubbles at the bottom of this glass of water look like they're spelling out some secret message to tell you that you are, in fact, the chosen one:

Bubbles in a glass

19.This un-edited photo of an orange gas cloud in the sky, which yeah, I'll admit, would have me fearing for my life just a wee bit:

Bright orange and yellow smoke plume rises above a row of residential houses, with dark clouds in the sky

20.This hotel exterior, which is giving "the aliens have taken over and they hate our design aesthetics, so they decided to redecorate:"

A tall, uniquely-designed building with numerous arch-shaped windows is under construction, with cranes and construction equipment surrounding it on a city street
arglebargle321 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

21.This sentient, disembodied cat head:

A cat is lying with its head resting on a concrete surface outside a house near a doormat and a potted plant. A hose reel is in the background
ILoveMyHoneybear / Reddit / Via reddit.com

22.These abandoned inmate uniforms someone found on the side of the road just scream, "Jailbreak!"

u/p1son / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.This person, who experienced an IRL glitch in the matrix and came with receipts:

A hand holding a purple die above a set of colorful dice labeled "Fabulous Las Vegas" with the text: "My dad got me these when I was a youngish teenager ... started putting them back in, and..."
nakupendwa / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24.This straight-up horrifying medical mannequin I really would rather not give mouth-to-mouth:

Medical training mannequin lying in a hospital bed wearing a blue gown
u/MrMcFukmutty / Reddit / Via reddit.com

25.This note someone found outside on the window ledge of their eleventh floor apartment:

Handwritten note on ground with text "I can see you" and a smiley face
u/deensuk / Reddit / Via reddit.com

26.The cicada that tried to emerge from this person's couch, which would personally be my last straw:

A person's finger pointing at a small indentation on a fabric surface in a room with various items and furniture
nuclear85 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

27.These sunglasses with eyeball prints??

A hand holds a pair of round-framed sunglasses above a parking lot
SillysarahtrixRme / Reddit / Via reddit.com

28.This syrup that's totally fine so long as you *checks notes* keep it away from tractors??

Label of a 24 fl oz pancake syrup bottle listing ingredients and storage instructions
Cayde_Cheif-6 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

29.These ominous clouds that make me feel like I'm about to be part of the A Quiet Place universe:

Stormy sky with dramatic, swirling clouds forming intricate patterns above silhouetted tree tops and power lines
Prince100001 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

30.This, uh, haunting rendition of Willam Dafoe as the Green Goblin in this Spider-Man game:

A pixelated character says, "Harry tells me you're quite the science whiz. You know, I'm something of a scientist myself," standing in front of a cityscape
trendkill3 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

31.And finally, this person's view from the car mirror (which, to be clear, is OUTSIDE), which would genuinely make me question if we're all living in the matrix for a hot minute:

Rearview mirror showing a patio

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