29 Photos Of People Doing Trashy Things That Made Me Go "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!"

29 Photos Of People Doing Trashy Things That Made Me Go "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!"

More often than we like, we come across people who can best be described as "real pieces of work" (and believe me, that is the NICEST thing we can call them).

Two women in formal attire waving, with caption "what a piece of work"

Here are some photos of "pieces" out in the world — courtesy of the people over at r/trashy — and they're guaranteed to raise your blood pressure:

Note: This post contains strong language, sexual content, and people generally behaving in incredibly offensive ways. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

1.First, this insensitive person is selling a 9/11 "play set," complete with toy planes to fly into the towers:

A play set with small models representing the Twin Towers and surrounding buildings
fuqdisshite / Via reddit.com

2.This dude is someone I do NOT want to shake hands with, like, ever:

a person digging into the back of their pants
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

3.And this person boasted on social media about how they're going to enjoy "a bit of raspberry cheesecake and heroin":

Slice of cheesecake with swirls next to crumbled toppings on a plate, shared on a social post with likes and comments
Individual-Heart-719 / Via reddit.com

4.This dude thought THAT T-shirt was perfectly appropriate to wear to a children's playground:

Person in t-shirt and shorts walking at a park, with obscured text on shirt, near children's scooters

5.This big tipper negated all the goodwill that grand earned him by being a total freaking creep:

The image shows a restaurant receipt with handwritten compliments and an exorbitantly large tip written on it

6.And the people selling this ridiculously sexist sweatshirt are really something:

An apron with "WIFEY" and checklist including cooking, cleaning, submitting, and staying quiet
BenWallace04 / Via reddit.com

7.This selfish jerk stole a defibrillator, seemingly not caring that it could cost someone their life:

Defibrillator station with a notice about the machine being stolen and expressing disappointment. Signs include emergency instructions
u/scooba_dude / Via reddit.com

8.This dad found a way to make matching father/son shirts offensive and not cute:

Child on parent's shoulders; both wear profanity-laden shirts at an event. Shirt text reflects bond and humor
u/epke2011 / Via reddit.com

9.And these charmers got off a party bus to pee right on the street:

Three individuals standing by a No Parking sign next to a school bus, seemingly in discussion

10.This guy stole a woman's phone as she was PRAYING:

Two people sitting apart on church pews, one appears distressed with head in hands while the man steals something from her purse

11.This dolt bragged about adding something totally reckless and dangerous to his truck:

An installed metal car bumper modification with a sharp pointed design, intended as a deterrence for tailgating
u/WinTraditional4038 / Via reddit.com

12.And this other dolt drove THIS truck into an elementary school parking lot:

Rear window of a vehicle with decals of a gun and the text "THINK TWICE BECAUSE I WON'T"
u/LongPorkJones / Via reddit.com

13.This "winner" wore his gross sweatshirt to a pet store in the middle of the day:

Two people standing in a shop; one has a sweatshirt with "MORE GAGGING LESS NAGGING" text on the back
McCoyoioi / Via reddit.com

14.This Oregon man makes me want to gag just reading this:

Tweet: Oregon man arrested, accused of grabbing woman's feet, rubbing them on his face
banstovia / Via reddit.com

15.And this person managed to make the charming, grandma-friendly activity of embroidery absolutely disgusting:

Embroidery hoop with text "I can't see my haters" and explicit content, surrounded by floral pattern
LabLife3846 / Via reddit.com

16.This person drives a vagina mobile:

A pink car with vagina prominently written on its side is parked in a lot at night
u/GumInMyMouth / Via reddit.com

17.This women joined the "decided to wear a totally inappropriate sweatshirt in public" club:

Person in supermarket with sweater featuring bold text. Text inappropriate for a parenting-focused article
supafupa4 / Via reddit.com

18.And this woman — yet ANOTHER member of the club — thought this "CANCEL ME FUCK YOU" T-shirt was perfect for wearing to the airport:

Person in a graphic tee with explicit text, pulling a suitcase in an indoor space
_take_shits / Via reddit.com

19.This adulterer and his mistress who both seem like real gems:

Billboard with a message to Paul about telling his wife of a pregnancy revelation, with two people walking by
u/Hankman66 / Via reddit.com

20.This driver asking to be choked like Ted Bundy and ate like Jeffrey Dahmer:

Rear view of a car with multiple bumper stickers containing dark humor references
u/lizzys_sad_girl / Via reddit.com

21.And this slob having a free snack at Target:

Jar of Lay's French Onion Dip with two snack sticks in it, on a grocery store shelf with various snack bags around
tree_dw3ller / Via reddit.com

22.This Bumble user came on more than a little strong (but not in the grammar department):

The image contains explicit text suggesting inappropriate content related to dating and sexual activity
u/CarlosH46 / Via reddit.com

23.This person announced her relationship on Facebook and made everyone feel really, really uncomfortable:

The image shows a humorous job announcement that says "Started New Job at Kyles Bish" with a playful pledge of obedience
Poofenplotz / Via reddit.com

24.And — blerg — this person is selling a "workout ball" (mom, can you come pick me up? I want to go home):

A purple workout ball for sale is pictured beside a bed with a pink toy in a room
errornosignal / Via reddit.com

25.This owner of a Confederate flag/truck/boat eyesore:

Semi-truck cab converted into a boat with flags, carrying people on a river
froodiest / Via reddit.com

26.This company advertising window tints like this:

Advertisement showcasing a car with tinted windows, alongside a slogan about window tinting being cheaper than a divorce
HulkDeez / Via reddit.com

27.And this OnlyFans model advertising in the classiest way possible...by using a marker on a baby changing table in a gas station bathroom:

Changing station with an "OnlyFans" sticker, a blacked-out username, and a Koala Kare logo
u/Damned_I_Am / Via reddit.com

28.This person I do NOT want to get stuck talking to at a party:

Truck with text dismissing NASA and promoting a flat Earth theory
u/Damned_I_Am / Via reddit.com

29.And finally...this a-hole taking up not one but two disabled parking spots:

Pickup truck parked across multiple designated parking spots in a lot
u/junkronomicon / Via reddit.com

I'm guessing you look a little like this after going through all of those, huh? (I know I do!)

Close-up of Elmo from Sesame Street with a surprised expression