25 Times People Assumed Things About Others And It Secretly Stuck With Them Because It Hurt

We recently shared some of the wildest "you shouldn't have said that" moments, and our readers started coming forward with their own experiences. BuzzFeed user ssstege11573 shared an exchange she had after getting a haircut: "I have a pixie cut, and after I was done and cashing out, I heard a mom loudly tell her daughter, 'See, you don't want to get your hair cut short like hers and look like a lesbian.' I turned to the little girl (she was about 9) and said, 'Dream big, sweetie! Being a lesbian is amazing!' and walked out. #Pride 🌈🌈🌈."

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This prompted us to scour the internet for more. I discovered this Reddit thread, "What is the rudest assumption someone has made about you?" that has over a couple thousand stories to tell. Here are some of the most infuriating ones:

1."People assume I’m lazy because I really enjoy video games. Bitch, I have a full-time job, house, car, wife, and dog. I also do most of the cooking, cleaning, dog-walking, and general chores around the house because my wife works crazy hours— lazy my ass."

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2."Just because I have these muscular fuckular forearms, women are always asking me to twist the caps off of everything. The truth is I have really soft underhands, and caps tear me up."

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3."People think I can't possibly be smart enough to do my job (STEM) because I'm an attractive woman. (Not assuming here — I have had guys say this to me explicitly.) It does help quickly weed out the assholes when I'm dating, though."

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4."I have ADHD, so I talk fast; I'm super tall and lanky and also suffer from all-around allergies. Multiple times I've been told I have a cocaine addiction."

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5."Many people say that I must be miserable and hate my life because I have kids. Complete opposite actually but thanks."

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6."People think I hate men because I’m a lesbian. Not being sexually and romantically attracted to men doesn’t mean I hate them. Sometimes, talking to my straight gal friends, it seems like they are the ones that do, lol."

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7."I am a small female so people assume I am weak and when I do lift something that someone assumes is 'too heavy' for me, I get congratulated like a child. If I need help with something, I will ask for it; other than that, I appreciate the offer of help, but I got it."

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8."People assume I'm mentally well because 'I don't look like I'm depressed.' This one isn't necessarily rude, but can be annoying after a while."

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9."I used to strip and work at a bank. Because I had two jobs, people just assumed I was a bad stripper and also that I was easy and would sleep with anyone... Oh, and that I was a bad mom."

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10."People often think I'm my son's nanny because he doesn't look like me. He's blasian. I also got a lot of people asking if I knew my 'baby's daddy.' My husband? Yes, I know my husband. People also assume that I smoke weed because I have locs."

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11."I was hanging out with a friend, and it had been about a month after we had met, etc., and they said, 'The best thing about you is that you're happy being mediocre.' This felt especially bad as I had just had a string of failures and was already pretty down at that time in my life."

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12."I usually get assumed stupid or slutty because I have big boobs."

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13."People sometimes assume I'm probably just some uneducated immigrant who can't speak English. I'm Mexican; I drive a truck for a living. I make more doing this than putting my bachelor's to use. I don't talk much because I'm tired, grumpy, and depressed all of the time."

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14."I had an emergency room doctor tell me I looked like an anti-vaxxer."

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15."Someone thought 'just because I’m ugly' I'd date anyone.”

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16."A girl I met for a date on an app once said to me that I should see her again because a 'guy of my height won't have many options.'"

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17."I worked with a girl who came from a big family, and when I told her that I'm an only child, she went on a rant about how I must be spoiled and that my parents 'fucked me up' by doing everything for me... As if that's the only outcome that an only child could have."

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18."People think I am a weightlifter; therefore, I am dumb."

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19."I was in Target and stopped to look at a really cute swim suit for a baby that was on display in the aisle. Two older ladies passed by, and one of them said, 'She’s way too young to have a child' — nose in the air. I was in my mid-20s, probably the same age or older than she was when she had kids."

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20.“People to me: No wonder you’re so depressed you’re a lazy millennial who thinks everything is handed to him.”

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21."People thought I was stupid enough not to figure out that the guy I had a crush on in middle school was paid to go on a date with me as a joke. 10+ years later, I’m still pissed. Though, based on how he’s doing now, I dodged a real bullet there."

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22."My father and I were in Prague when we heard an English woman say to her friend about us, 'They look so British they can’t be British,' which I don’t think was a compliment. We were British, but I think that was a bit uncalled for."

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23."That I was pregnant. Not only have I never been pregnant, I have tried over and over to become pregnant without success."

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24."Just because I'm quiet by nature doesn't mean that I'm shy, stuck-up, or that I have to be treated like a 10-year-old who never learned to verbalize. These wrongful assumptions are ridiculous, and I speak from experience."

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25."My teacher was trying to make small talk with me one day, and apparently because I'm a weird, awkward kid, she asked, 'You watch anime, right?' Like, I've literally never watched a second of any anime, smh."

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Has anyone ever made a really rude assumption about you? Let us know in the comments.