24 Awkward Celeb Interview Moments That Made Me Physically Cringe

1.When Larry King spoke to Sharon Tate's sister Debra and seemed to think Roman Polanski murdered Tate (whom Polanski was married to at the time of her death) instead of followers of the cult leader Charles Manson:

Collage of Debra Tate and Larry King in an interview discussing Roman Polanski and the murder of Sharon Tate

2.When Jim Carrey teased Margot Robbie on The Graham Norton Show and basically implied her looks got her where she is rather than talent:

Two people on a talk show, one laughing at a comment made by the other, who gestures expressively. Text from their conversation is overlaid

3.When Woody Allen interviewed Twiggy and tried to make her look dumb...but Twiggy handed it right back to him:

A woman poses with various captions reflecting a humorous conversation about favorite stars, without revealing any names
Libra Enterprises

4.When Timothée Chalamet was on DP/30 and the host...kind of insulted him and overall just got really tongue-tied:

Text from a meme featuring a person expressing conflicted sentiments, overlaid on sequential images of the same person
DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood / Via youtube.com

5.When Justin Bieber couldn't understand the word "German":

Two people sitting, one wearing a hat, appearing to have a conversation with captioned dialogue
C4TV / Via youtube.com

6.When Kathie Lee Gifford forgot Martin Short's wife was dead...:

The image contains a TV interview with two panels showing a male and female guest responding to the host's questions about marriage and laughter

...Leading to a super awkward apology after his interview was over:

Kathie Lee Gifford speaking with a guest on a talk show, with overlaid text of their conversation about a sensitive topic

7.This entire Cara Delevingne interview about Paper Towns, which starts with a host calling her "Carla" and asking if she read the book...:

Two TV hosts interviewing a female guest; text bubbles show a humorous exchange about not reading a script

...Then another host saying she didn't seem excited about the movie...:

Three people during a TV interview, one person in the foreground appears skeptical or unimpressed. Subtitles from the interview are visible

...And finally, the original host being super condescending:

Meme of a female celebrity's various interview moments expressing annoyance. Text overlays mimic a humorous, tense conversation

8.When Matt Lauer would NOT stop talking about Sandra Bullock's nude scene in The Proposal:

Two people on a talk show engaging in a humorous exchange with captions reflecting the conversation

9.When Ellen Degeneres told Dakota Johnson she hadn't been invited to her birthday party, and Johnson corrected her:

Guest in a floral dress and host in a suit seated and talking on a talk show set with Christmas decor

10.And when DeGeneres pressured Mariah Carey to drink champagne to prove she wasn't pregnant in 2008:

Mariah Carey on "Ellen"

11.When Jennifer Garner tried to correct Conan on his own show, but it turned out he was right:

Talk show host Conan O'Brien and actress Jennifer Lawrence seated, engaged in humorous banter with text bubbles

12.When Jimmy Fallon called RuPaul a "drag queen," and briefly thought, from RuPaul's reaction, that he had said the wrong thing:

RuPaul in a checkered suit sits with Jimmy Fallon, laughing during an interview

Just watch his fear here:

Jimmy Fallon hosting, holding a Vanity Fair magazine featuring Oprah Winfrey on the cover

And his obvious relief afterwards:

Jimmy Fallon laughing while holding a "Vanity Fair" magazine on his talk show

13.When an interviewer told Keira Knightley she looked "worn out":

Two individuals in an interview setting with overlaid captions depicting a conversation
DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood

14.When the cast of Victorious was gushing about how much Ariana Grande sings on set and Victoria Justice cut in to say, "I think we ALL sing":

Four women joking about singing, possibly referencing Ariana Grande

15.When Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch to express his excitement about Katie Holmes:

Tom Cruise gestures excitedly on a talk show with Oprah, with dialogue captions from their interview
Harpo Productions

16.When Scarlett Johansson was asked if she could wear underwear under her Black Widow costume:

  Extra TV
Extra TV

17.When Vin Diesel was super weird and creepy towards Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira while promoting his film XXX: Return of Xander Cage:

Screenshots from the interview with Carol Moreira and Vin Diesel
italo / YouTube / Via youtube.com

18.And when Bill Murray was super creepy towards Geena Davis while they were promoting Quick Change:

Bill and Geena in an interview
Paramount Domestic Television

19.When David Letterman brought up rehab while interviewing Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman

20.And when he licked Jennifer Aniston's hair:

GIF of Letterman sneaking up on Jennifer Aniston

21.Aaaand when he asked a clearly uncomfortable 19-year-old Emma Watson about her underwear being exposed at an event:

Person on a talk show with host, bottom image shows wardrobe mishap with a caption summarizing the incident

22.When an interviewer KEPT asking Anne Hathaway about her diet and exercise regime for The Dark Knight Rises:

she responds, what's the deal man are you trying to fit into a catsuit, are you trying to lose weight
extratv / Via youtube.com

23.When Millie Bobby Brown had to admit Finn Wolfhard is a "lousy kisser" in a lie detector interview with Vanity Fair:

Three-panel comic strip of a fictional interview with humorous dialogue about a bad kissing experience
Vanity Fair

24.And finally, just...the entirety of Joaquin Phoenix's 2009 interview on The Late Show with David Letterman:

A man is in a seated interview, conversing with an off-screen host, expressing comfort with his beard. Text bubbles display their dialogue

You honestly have to watch it for yourself to understand, though I'll warn you, it's not an easy watch: