These are the top baby names in Australia in 2019

Picking a baby name isn't always easy. Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Baby names are always a topic that spark plenty of conversation, and at times, contention.

But there’s a list of the top baby names in Australia for 2019, that can set the record straight on which monikers are most popular across the country.

When it comes to girls’ names, Charlotte comes out on top.

In fact, it’s the number one name for the fourth year running, with 1,673 baby girls given the name last year.

Olivia, Amelia, Ava, Mia and Isla round out the top five baby girl names.

Photo: Getty
The top baby names have been revealed. Photo: Getty

As for the boys’ names, Oliver has continued its six-year run at number one on the list.

Last year 2,134 were named Olivier.

Meanwhile, Jack, William, Noah and Henry have followed suit to make the top five.

The results, released by research body McCrindle, have also broken down how the trends are affected by famous faces also choosing the monikers, particularly royalty.

In 2015, following the birth of Princess Charlotte, the name jumped into the top spot, where it has stayed ever since.

Meghan and Harry were also bang on trend as Archie is the 29th most popular boys’ name - a choice which is likely to now skyrocket.

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