20 Questions On Deadline Podcast: Juliette Binoche Talks Playing Coco Chanel In ‘The New Look’, A Terrifying Near-Death Experience & Her Clooney Crush

My guest this week is Juliette Binoche.

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Binoche may have been busy this week participating in the opening ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival, but a few days beforehand, she called in from Paris to chat to us for this episode of 20 Questions on Deadline.

With more than 60 films to her name, including Three Colors Blue, Chocolat and The English Patient, for which she won an Oscar, Binoche is currently starring in Apple TV+ series The New Look as Coco Chanel.

The show follows the fashion icon, along with Christian Dior, played by Ben Mendelsohn, as they navigate Word War II and its aftermath. Chanel has sometimes been accused of being a nazi sympathizer, and we discuss how The New Look approaches that issue, how Binoche prepared to embody her, her sense of who Chanel was, and where things stand with Season 2…

Binoche also reveals her one-time intense crush on George Clooney and how she got over it. And, she recalls the most fulfilling and challenging acting experience of her career and, shockingly, the dear-death experience that changed her forever.

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