16 Times Celebs Made Accidental But Hilarious Social Media Faux Pas

It seems like, most of the time, when you hear about a celebrity messing up on social media, it's something negative or scandalous. Sometimes, however, their online mishaps are just simple yet hilarious (and sometimes embarrassing!) mistakes.

Here are 16 times celebs accidentally made hilarious social media fails:

1.In 2020, Hozier accidentally posted a video of himself using the "Handsome Squidward" filter to his public Instagram story rather than his close friends story.

Hozier with a distorted face filter resembling 'Handsome Squidward'

Here's the clip:

In a follow-up Instagram story post, he said, "I am so mortified. I'm not high. I just pressed the wrong button, and then my phone...my phone shat the bed. And then I couldn't delete it fast enough!"

Hozier / Via instagram.com

2.In July 2022, Olivia Rodrigo wasn't following anyone on Instagram, so her fans quickly noticed when she suddenly started following her ex, Joshua Bassett. A year and a half later, she addressed the incident on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Oliva says that she followed her ex while stalking him, and her friend ran into her room to alert her
NBC / Via youtube.com
Olivia says that as soon as she opened Instagram to unfollow her ex, her phone died, but now she has a finsta
NBC / Via youtube.com

Here's the full clip, with this part at the 1:04 mark:

3.In 2023, Harry Styles posted then quickly deleted a picture of him wearing an old One Direction t-shirt at the gym from his Instagram story. He joked about it during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand a few days later (as captured in a fan's TikTok).

Harry in 1D tee and shorts taking a mirror selfie in a gym, wearing sneakers

After a playful conversation with an audience about how they got tickets, he said, "I guess some of us have secrets! Maybe, like some people, you choose to keep it to yourself, and maybe one day you'll accidentally post it to your Instagram Story. Who knows!"

4.In 2019, Tom Holland posted an Instagram picture with his Spider-Man: Homecoming costars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya. When he tagged them, he accidentally tagged Zendaya on his own crotch.

Zendaya commented, "I'm assuming because you don't know how to work IG, that's the reason behind my name placement" with a string of laughing crying emojis.

Tom fixed it and edited the caption to say, "Thanks @zendaya for making me aware of my obvious blunder. 😂"

5.And during a 2017 Instagram Live, Tom Holland debuted the Avengers: Infinity War poster.

Tom holds movie poster to the camera

Then, he held up a letter from costar Mark Ruffalo. On the back — and visible to the camera! — it said, "CONFIDENTIAL. DO NOT SHARE."

Tom holding a paper with "CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT SHARE" in front of his face, social media comments visible

Upon realizing his mistake, he quickly ended the stream.

Here's the full clip:

6.In 2021, KJ Apa accidentally posted a goofy video from his bubble bath to his public Instagram story rather than his close friends story.

KJ in a bubble bath with only his head visible, making a goofy smile

Watch the clip below:

KJ Apa / Via instagram.com

In a follow-up post, he acknowledged his mistake and said, "But I guess it's too late now."

a selfie of KJ captioned, "That was for my close friends but I guess it's too late now, enjoy it while you can"

7.In 2012, Susan Boyle promoted her new album on Twitter with the hashtag "Susanalbumparty." Some people made fun of the fact it could be misread as "Su's anal bum party," so it was swiftly changed to #SusanAlbumParty.

Susan singing on stage with orchestra, wearing a beaded gown
Mondadori Portfolio / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

8.In a since-deleted 2016 sponsored Instagram post, Scott Disick seemingly accidentally copied and pasted not only the caption the sponsor wanted him to use, but also the instructions they gave him for what and when to post.

Scott Disick in a suit with a white open-collar shirt and pocket square at an event
Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic for ABA / Via Getty

The original caption reportedly said, "Here you go, at 4 p.m. EST, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk."

9.Similarly, in 2016, Little Mix's official Instagram account included a message seemingly asking member Jade Thirlwall for her approval alongside the caption promoting the group's new perfume. The line "How's this copy Jade" was promptly edited out.

Four members of Little Mix posing together at a Music Choice event, each sporting unique fashionable outfits
Monica Schipper / Getty Images

The rest of the caption said, "So surreal...we're on the side of a taxi 😱🚖💛 Who's got their bottle of #LMWISHMAKER? Let us know what you think! Launch event tomorrow ☺️😊"

10.Also in 2016, Naomi Campbell accidentally included part of a message in her since-deleted sponsored Instagram post. The caption said, "Naomi, so nice to see you in good spirits!!! Could you put something like: Thanks to my friend @gary.aspden and all at Adidas — loving these Adidas 350 SPZL from the Adidas Spezial range. @adidasoriginals."

Naomi Campbell in a tailored suit with a shirt, standing and waving
Joe Maher / Getty Images

11.Oprah Winfrey had a sponsored post fail of her own in 2012. She tweeted, "Gotta say love that [Microsoft] SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings." However, fans quickly noticed that she made the post "via Twitter for iPad."

Oprah in elegant lace-detailed dress at event
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

12.Mark Ruffalo did an Instagram Live from the Thor: Ragnarok premiere in 2017. However, he didn't end the stream before going into the theater — and accidentally leaked the first 10 minutes of the movie from his pocket!

Mark Ruffalo in a suit, white shirt, no tie, smiling in an interview setting
ABC / Via youtube.com

In 2018, he told Jimmy Kimmel Live, "When I knew...First, my phone was just blowing up. Like, I was getting these texts, and I was like, 'I hope my mom's okay.' But I was like, 'I can't check my phone in the middle of the theater. That's rude, especially in my own movie.' And then someone from Disney came up — a woman — and she poked me. And she said, 'Turn off your phone!' I said, 'What? What? What?' What? What?' 'Your phone is on! Turn off your phone!' And I was like, 'My phone's not on.'" Then, pretending to check his phone, he made a shocked face.

Watch him talk about the incident below, starting at the 2:05 mark:

13.In 2020, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds posted the same picture to Instagram. However, fans noticed something slightly off about Blake's version. In Ryan's post, she was barefoot.

But in Blake's post, she'd drawn shoes on herself.

Later on, Blake made fun of herself on her Instagram stories.

screenshots of boots and sandals Blake doodled over her bare feet, with captions jokingly asking designers if they're hiring
Blake Lively / Via Instagram: @blakelively

14.In 2017, Dom Lever from Love Island posted a selfie to his Instagram story with the caption, "Train to myself." However, across social media, people quickly pointed out that there was someone sitting literally right behind him!

Dom taking a selfie on an empty train with text overlay "Train to myself"

15.In 2014, Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay posed together to celebrate the release of Kris's cookbook. They posted similar pictures to their Instagrams, but fans quickly noticed that Kris had seemingly edited her appearance — as well as Gordon's.

For reference, this is what the picture looked like on Gordon's Instagram:

16.And finally, in 2011, UK politician Ed Balls intended to take his aide's advice and search his indirects on Twitter to get an idea of how people were feeling about him. However, he accidentally missed the search bar and tweeted "Ed Balls."

Ed in a smart casual outfit consisting of a blazer and open-collar shirt at an event
Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

The tweet went viral, sparking Twitter users to celebrate "Ed Balls Day" every year for over a decade.

Here's the legendary tweet:

Twitter: @edballs