These 16 People Are So Jaded From These Food Delivery Experiences, They've Probably Deleted All Their Apps

I'm a huge fan of food delivery services. In fact, I'd go as far as to say about 20% of my paycheck goes to getting food delivered.

woman saying, i don't need a judgy face
woman saying, i don't need a judgy face


While I've generally had good experiences with these services, there's apparently a huge portion of Reddit users who feel differently. Here are 16 people who were incredibly screwed over by a food delivery driver or app:

1."I saw this in my apartment stairs after hearing a loud noise and being notified my order was cancelled."

starbucks drinks spilled on the stairs

2."The delivery driver just passed my house and threw the food out his window, and this was their response. I finally got a refund, but WTF man."

customer service telling the person that even though the driver threw the food out their window, they encourage driver's to customize their own delivery experience

3."I didn't get my sandwich and I had them redeliver the order. They sent me six redeliveries with six different people."

6 orders outside the door

4."Who is in the wrong here?"

driver didn't drop the food off at the door step and instead left it downstairs

5."They snapped a photo of my house from the street. The food is nowhere to be found."

driver saying they gave the food to a person in a car and the customer saying they have security cameras and there was no one in a car

6."The ability to get quick refunds for small things is great — this is pathetic though. They just kept disconnecting and connecting me to someone else as if they had no idea how to handle this situation."

3 different message from customer service saying that they'll try to connect them to a person who can help
  u/nugfan / Via

7."The delivery person (who I tipped) threw my food against the door damaging the box and spilling the drink. He then proceeded to call me an expletive in text because I couldn’t meet him downstairs, due to working remote."


8."I tipped $7 for 1.5 miles and they can’t even bring my food up. I was ready to leave him one star and complain, but the order got reassigned. 🤷‍♀️"

customer sending a pic of themselves with a broken leg in a boot and the driver still saying they need to meet in the apartment lobby

9."The delivery guy hit on my girlfriend after he delivered her food. He had his son with him in the car too."

driver hitting on the customer

10."The driver dumped my drink out in front of my door and took a picture of it. They put the lid in the cup and just left. Lmao."

photo of the spilled drink outside

11."I've seen horror stories of bad deliveries, but never thought I'd have one..."

driver asking the customer if they can meet them halfway after realizing they would have to drive 9 miles

12."That’s our office building in the background…"


13."My driver apparently thinks I live in a storage closet. I live in apartment 1, not storage closet number 11. The bar is getting lower and lower by the day."

food left by a closet

14."They stopped a block away and gave my lunch to a random child."

driver saying they gave the order to a child

15."My driver handed me a pamphlet called 'A Biblical Guide to Salvation' with my order."


16.And finally, "I guess my driver was having a bad day."

half eaten box of cookies

H/T: r/doordash