150 Irish Girl Names and Their Meanings for Your Little Lady

Irish baby girl

Learning that you are going to have a baby can make you feel like you’ve found gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s magical, miraculous and something you want to tell everyone about. However, after you come to terms with the fact that you’re going to have a little human of your own in nine short months, you have to nail down what name you want to give them, which can be hard. After all, it’s something you have to like, your partner has to like and your future child will hopefully like. That’s why it can be difficult to fall in love with a name—but we think these 150 Irish girl names will enchant you!

Seeing how it's St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the perfect time to consider Celtic girl names! From unique, floral-inspired ones, like Róisín, to cute ones, like Tallulah and Finney, to pretty options, like Madailein, there are endless ideas to choose from—including both traditional and modern inspiration. We even broke up some of our favorite monikers into categories so you can easily search through these 150 Irish names for girls. By the time you’re finished looking at them, you’ll be head clover heels for a few.

So what are you waiting for? These female Irish names are spud-tacular and Dublin the fun! Plus, if you decide to go with one for your little girl, your daughter will be guaranteed to be the cutest clover in the patch.

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150 Popular and Common Irish Girl Names

1. Aine

This name means “radiance,” and is the name of a fairy queen in Irish mythology.

2. Croía

This name isn’t just cute; it has a cute meaning too and translates to “heart.”

3. Caoimhe

Another common name for girls in Ireland is Caoimhe, which means “beautiful.”

4. Eimer

Coming from the Irish word “Eimh,” this means “swift.”

5. Orla

This girl’s name means “golden princess” and is a form of the name Orfhlaaith.

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6. Aisling

This is derived from the Irish-Gaelic word “aislinge” and means “dream” or “vision.”

7. Saoirse

This name first became popular in the 1920s and was tied to Irish Independence. It means “freedom” and “liberty.”

8. Cara

This is a favorite among Irish girl names and means “friend.”

9. Niamh

This common name goes back to Irish mythology and means “brightness.”

10. Éirinn

If you’re looking for a popular Irish name, consider this one. It’s special because it means “Ireland.”

11. Laoise

Pronounced “Lah-weese,” this comes from the Irish word that means “light.”

12. Fiadh

This fast-rising girl’s name is taken from the ancient root word for "wild.”

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13. Lennon

Meaning “lover,” this Irish name is fitting for any girl.

14. Róisín

This stunning Irish moniker means “little rose.”

15. Bride

This is surprisingly a very common girl’s name of Irish origin and means “exalted one.”

16. Muireann

This is a much-loved name of Irish origin and translates to “sea white.”

17. Fallon

Give your daughter a strong name like this one that means “leader.”

18. Neve

A winter baby with this Irish name would be the sweetest because it means “snow.”

19. Ruairi

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls and are of Irish descent, consider going with this name, which can also be spelled Rory and means “red king.”

20. Rowan

If you have a little red-headed daughter, this Irish name means “little redhead.”

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21. Éabha

The meaning of this popular Irish name is “life.”

22. Teagan

Meaning “poet,” this name has been a popular girl’s name since the turn of the century.

23. Aoibhe

This girl’s name comes from the Gaelic word “aoibh,” which translates to “beauty.”

24. Shauna

This common Irish name means “God is gracious.”

25. Sionainn

Meaning, “wise river,” this is the perfect name if you love nature-inspired monikers.

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Unique and Rare Irish Girl Names

26. Cadhla

Meaning “beautiful,” this name will be as unique as your little princess will be.

27. Merrin

This Irish name means “pearl of the sea” and is a great way to tie the ocean into your baby’s name.

28. Ardara

This name comes from a picturesque town found in Northern Ireland.

29. Quinn

This name comes from surname Ó Cuinn and means “descendent of Conn.”

30. Aithne

While this name is not very common, this rare moniker means “grain.”

31. Muadhnait

Not a super popular Irish name, Muadhnait means “little noble one.”

32. Aifric

This name is the Old Irish word for the African content, and is a well-known unique Irish girl’s name.

33. Bellamy

Believe it or not, this name is of Irish origin, this is a gender-neutral name that means “good friend.”

34. Líadan

Meaning “gray,” Líadan comes from the Irish word “líath” and is pronounced LEE-din.

35. Síohmha

This rare Irish girl's name means "good peace."

36. Ceola

This unique sounding Irish name has a sweet tune to it and means “music.”

37. Sadhbh

Meaning “sweet and lovely,” this name is common in Irish mythology, but pretty rare nowadays.

38. Ragnailt

This name was popular in the 13th through the 15th century, but isn’t as common now. It means “ruler.”

39. Mare

This name is great for an ocean loving couple because it means “star of the sea.”

40. Eadan

This unique name can be for girls or boys and can mean “small fire.”

41. Dubheasa

This uncommon Irish name means “dark beauty,” and would be fitting for a little girl with dark hair.

42. Ciarán

While a rare name, if your little angel comes out with brown or black hair, consider naming them this, which means “dark-haired one.”

43. Ailill

This name may be well-known in Irish legends, it’s not commonly used in real life. It means “elf.”

44. Béibhinn

With the meaning "melodious woman," it won’t be a surprise if your daughter turns out to be very musical.

45. Iseult

If you want to go with an unusual name, this one is for you. It means “ice ruler.”

46. Ailbhe

Give your daughter an uncommon name that means “bright,” so she’ll always shine in the world.

47. Seoidín

There’s no denying that this rare name has the sweetest meaning: “little jewel.”

48. Mealla

“Lightning” is the strong meaning behind this nature-inspired Irish name.

49. Doireann

While unusual, this Irish name is a good option for a girl and means “story.”

50. Cliodhna

“Shapely” is the definition of this female name.

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Traditional and Old-Fashioned Irish Girl Names

51. Riona

The name is royal-inspired and means “queen-like.”

52. Kennedy

You can give this strong Irish surname to your daughter, which means “helmeted chief” and dates back to 10th century Ireland.

53. Betha

This is derived from the Irish word for “life.”

54. Cathleen

Anyone’s daughter would be lucky to have this name, which means “pure.”

55. Mona

With the meaning of “little noble one,” this old-fashioned Irish name has been around forever.

56. Aurnia

This older Irish name means “golden ruler,” and will set your daughter up for success.

57. Clodagh

Viewed as one of the most traditional Irish names for a girl, Clodagh was inspired by the River Clodiagh, which is located in County Waterford, Ireland.

58. Brinana

Known as the feminine version of the name Brian, it dates back to the 10th century and means “noble.”

59. Eithne

If you’re looking for a traditional Irish name, go with this one that hails from the word etne, which means “kernel.”

60. Étaín

Pronounced AY-teen, this feminine moniker is a mythological name from a 9th century tale and means “passion.”

61. Muriel

Meaning “bright sea,” this is a commonly known old-fashion Irish name and is fitting for a water-loving baby.

62. Bláithín

When it comes to floral-inspired Irish names, you can’t go wrong with this traditional Irish one that means “little flower.”

63. Maureen

If you live by the ocean, this old-fashioned Irish name means “star of the sea.”

64. Alma

Known for being a traditional name in Ireland used among both girls and boys, it means “all good.”

65. Déaglán

Dating back to the 5th century, this name means “full of goodness.”

66. Noreen

Give your daughter a name of Irish origin, like this one, which means “honor.”

67. Sheila

This name is an Old Irish version of Cecillia that means “heavenly.”

68. Deirdre

This name has Irish folklore origin and derives from a tale about a heroine who was known as Dierdre of the Sorrows and means “sorrowful” and “raging.”

69. Gobnait

This is the feminine version of the Irish name Gobán, meaning “smith,” which comes from the Celtic smith god, who is a metalworker and weapon maker.

70. Morrigan

This ancient Irish feminine name means “phantom queen” and is a classical twist on the now popular name Morgan.

71. Etain

Hailing from Old Irish, this girl’s name was the name of a fairy who turned into a butterfly in Celtic mythology and traditionally means “passion.”

72. Tuiren

Coming from folklore tales, this Irish name means “beauty.”

73. Cessair

This Irish girl’s name is the old-fashioned spelling of the name Ceasair and it means “sorrow.”

74. Daire

Of Old Irish origin, this vintage-sounding name means “fruitful.”

75. Darragh

If you’re looking for a name with nature inspiration, this moniker means “oak.”

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Cute Irish Girl Names

76. Fiona

As an Irish girl’s name meaning “wine,” it’s quite adorable.

77. Róis

If you’re looking for a flower-inspired name, this means “rose.”

78. Tallulah

Meaning “leaping water,” this pretty name is great for any baby girl.

79. Caitria

Pronounced KAT-ree-a, this is known as the extra-cute version of the name Caitríona and means “pure.”

80. Damhnait

This sweet Irish name means “fawn” and is pronounced DAW-nye.

81. Brenna

Of regal nature, this name means “prince” and is derived from the male name Brendan.

82. Síofra

This name is different, but pretty and means “fairy.”

83. Enya

Meaning “fire,” this name is sweet, with a fierce meaning.

84. Shea

With an Irish name like this one, your little girl will have an adorable name that has a mighty definition in its own right thanks to its meaning of “hawk-like.”

85. Flynn

If red hair runs in your family, this unisex name would be a great girl’s name because that’s exactly what it means.

86. Noinin

If you’re a fan of flowers, choose this for your girl, which means “daisy” in Irish.

87. McKenna

This adorable gender-neutral name means “born of fire.”

88. Alannah

As a parent with Irish roots, you’ll fall in love with this name meaning “oh, child.”

89. Foy

Sweet and simple, this girl’s name means “hunter.”

90. Finney

“Fair-haired” is the meaning behind this girl’s name.

91. Cooley

Meaning “strong and brave,” this cute name packs a punch.

92. Biddie

Can you imagine a cuter name? It means “the exalted one.”

93. Glenna

Glenna is an Irish moniker that means “from the valley.”

94. Dealla

This moniker may mean “protector,” making it a strong yet adorable name for any girl.

95. Jileen

“Youthful” is what this precious name means.

96. Fynley

If you’re looking for a tough name with a sweet sound this is for you! It means “white warrior.”

97. Devanie

This feminine name will make your little one stand out in a good way. It means “dark-haired.”

98. Neasa

Deriving from a princess in Irish mythology, this name means “not gentle” and is great if you’ve been manifesting having an independent and brave daughter.

99. Eefa

Isn’t this the cutest name? It means “radiance.”

100. Meriel

A dear name like this is of Irish origin and means “sparkling sea.”

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Pretty and Beautiful Irish Girl Names

101. Meabh

This stylish name means “she who intoxicates” and is pronounced the same way you’d say the name Maeve.

102. Nora

Of Irish origin, this stunning name means “light.”

103. Akayla

Normally an Irish surname, this can also be a gorgeous name for a girl and means “slender.”

104. Kayleigh

This comes from the Irish name Caoileann, which means “fair and lender.”

105. Madailein

A feminine name like this is the Irish version of Madeleine and means “magnificent.”

106. Treasa

This comes from the Irish word “treise,” which means "power" or "strength,” making it a great girl’s name.

107. Líle

This is the Irish word for “Lily,” making it a pretty and elegant name for a girl.

108. Eibhlín

This lovely name is the Irish version of the American name Evelyn and means “brilliant.”

109. Mairéad

With the meaning “pearl,” this name is guaranteed to fit any baby girl.

110. Orlaith

“Golden princess” is what this Irish name translates to. How pretty is that?

111. Keeley

Of Irish origin, this name is typically a surname, however, it makes a sophisticated and enchanting name for your little one as it means “graceful.”

112. Kerry

If your child ends up having black hair, consider this gender-neutral Irish name because that is its exact meaning.

113. Bridget

Associated with one of the most important goddesses of Celtic times, this Irish moniker means “powerful.”

114. Branigan

“Little raven” is the definition of this unisex Irish name.

115. Coyle

Any girl would be lucky to have this name, which means “narrow.”

116. Myrna

Your baby girl’s name can pay tribute to her Irish heritage with this moniker, meaning “beloved.”

117. Eaven

Meaning “beautiful sheen,” this chic name is a great Irish moniker option.

118. Eimile

This is the Irish version of the name Emily and means “one who is practical natured.”

119. Fionnuala

This Irish moniker means “fair.”

120. Innogen

Believe it or not, this Irish name means “daughter.”

121. Egan

Short and sweet is what this Irish name is. It also means “fire.”

122. Fidelma

“A faithful lady” happens to be the definition of this Irish name.

123. Tierney

Tierney means “master” and is of Irish origin.

124. Darcy

Darcy means “from the fortress.”

125. Coriann

While it means “the hollow,” this Irish name has a cute ring to it.

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Cool Irish Girl Names

126. Sloane

This modern name comes from the Irish surname and means “raider.”

127. Riley

This girl’s name has an Irish and English origin and is perfect for a strong girl because it means “courageous.”

128. Carbry

As a girl's name of Irish origin, this means "charioteer."

129. Tully

With a name that means “peaceful,” this name is tranquil and stylish.

130. Iseult

Of Irish origin, this was the name of a mythological Irish princess and means “she who gazed upon.”

131. Reagan

This is usually known as an Irish last name, it makes a modern girl’s name too and means “little ruler.”

132. Alana

This name is the feminized take on the name Alan and a variation of the name Ilana, which means “rock.”

133. Neala

If you’re dreaming of raising a star athlete, give your daughter this name, which means “champion.”

134. Ríonach

Seeing how your daughter will be your little princess, naming her this will be fitting seeing as it translates to “queen.”

135. Bláthnaid

This Irish name is connected with nature because it means “flower.’

136. Devin

If you’re searching for a unisex name with a cool ring to it, this one is it. It means “poet.”

137. Decla

A spin on the name Declan, this means “full of goodness.”

138. Farrell

While usually an Irish surname, this makes a cool name for a girl and means “descendant of Fearghail.”

139. Oona

This is a variation of the name Una and means “lamb.”

140. Brezlyn

“Gift from the Earth” is the definition of this Irish surname, that also dubs as a first name.

141. Blaithin

This Irish name means “blossom” and would be darling for a baby born during the spring.

142. Aithche

This may be anIrish surname, but using it as a first name gives it a cool twist. It means “optimistic.”

143. Cohan

If you’re a fan of gender-neutral names, this one is fun and means “wild goose.”

144. Conlee

Though it’s normally a surname, it could also be a cool sounding girl’s name as well, which means “dark.”

145. Larkin

This Irish name means “fierce,” making it ideal for any modern-day girl.

146. Corie

This Irish name means “a pool that is bubbling” and is the feminine version of the name Corey.

147. Danley

Usually an Irish surname, it has a feminine vibe, making it a chic option for your little girl. It means “from the meadow with the hill.”

148. Conlin

While this Irish name is generally given to boys, it could be a great name for your little girl if you’re looking for a tomboy name. It means “hero.”

149. Madden

With an adorable meaning like “little dog,” this name makes a great modern name for a little girl.

150. Cullan

Even though it has a masculine sound, it would be a great name for a girl too and means “nook.”

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