15 Celebrities Who Seriously Need PR Help After These Social Media Comment Fails

1.When Barbra Streisand asked Melissa McCarthy if she'd taken Ozempic underneath her new photo.

2.When Lady Gaga reportedly replied to a porn bot.

  Lady Gaga / Via reddit.com
Lady Gaga / Via reddit.com

3.When Matt Rife allegedly told a 6-year-old their mom used OnlyFans money to buy them gifts.

Person smiling and gesturing a 'call me' sign at a public event
Rich Schultz / Getty Images

4.When Hailey Bieber commented on a pic of Justin Bieber crying amid reported mental health struggles to say he's "a pretty crier."

Instagram comment by user haileybieber with the text "a pretty crier" followed by a side-looking face emoji, indicating humor
Justin Bieber / instagram.com

5. When Rob Kardashian said he was going to law school at USC, just for the school to say he never applied.

Twitter: @USCGouldLaw

6.When Stephen Baldwin reshared a post requesting prayers for Justin and Hailey and inadvertently put the world in their business.

Person in a video making a plea for prayers for Justin & Hailey, mentioning their need for wisdom and protection

7.When Gypsy Rose Blanchard defended her (now-estranged) husband Ryan Anderson from internet hate by bragging about his "fire" D.

Person expressing love and support to Ryan, dismissing haters and valuing family, with a heart and fire emoji
Ryan Anderson / instagram.com

8.When Selena Gomez tried to offer advice to Justin Bieber when fans were harassing him for dating Sofia Richie.

Selena Gomez wearing a black dress with a glossy bustier at an event

9.And when Selena left this "annoying" comment when Taylor Swift, whom she once called her "only friend in the industry," was photographed with her other friends at the Super Bowl.

Selena Gomez's verified social media post with a pinned by author tag, a flushed-face emoji, a heart, and 1,419 likes
Swiftuation / instagram.com

10. When Kim Kardashian name-dropped Giorgio Armani and misspelled his name.

Twitter: @armani

11. When Demi Lovato tweeted that they were "in the studio working on something special" in response to the Jan. 6 riots.

Twitter: @ddlovato

12.When Justin Bieber tried to pass off this comment about JoJo Siwa's car, which was covered in images of her, as a joke.

JoJo Siwa stands by her custom-wrapped BMW convertible with her own branding and designs
West Coast Customs

13.When Darius Jackson saw nothing wrong with his tweet criticizing Keke Palmer's Usher concert outfit.

Tweet by Darius Daulton commenting on someone's outfit with the text: "It's the outfit tho... you a mom."

14.Similarly, when Younes Bendjima gave his honest opinion on Kourtney Kardashian's bikini pic.

Text in image: "yournesbendjima thats what you need to show to get likes?"
Kourtney Kardashian / instagram.com

15.And finally, when Pink felt the need to put down Snooki to make a point about Rolling Stone's credibility after it published a controversial list of the greatest Grammy performances of all time.

Pink responds to a comment on her Instagram, defending her authenticity and career, and dismissing the criticism with humor
Rolling Stone

What are some other celebrity social media comment fails? Share 'em below!