14 Photos Of People Watching Trump And Biden Debate That Capture Just How Painful It Really Was

Last night, former President Trump and current President Biden faced off in their first debate of the 2024 election cycle, and, well, these photos sum up how Americans felt about it:


Three people sitting at a table; one man wears glasses, a woman covers her face, and another woman looks ahead with a puzzled expression. Names unknown
Rogelio V. Solis / AP


A group of people reacting with surprise or shock. An older woman in glasses and a white shirt holds her head with her hands. Other people appear behind her
Robert F. Bukaty / AP


Two women wearing Biden-Harris campaign shirts, engaged in discussion, sitting at a table
Rogelio V. Solis / AP


Group of people inside a restaurant, two men in the foreground appear emotional with one covering his face and the other touching his chin
Jon Cherry / AP


Two people in a room; one woman in the foreground wears glasses, while another places her hands over her face, appearing distressed or emotional
Carolyn Kaster / AP


A group of people watch an event with various expressions, including surprise and engagement. Some take photos with their phones. Names of persons are not provided
Andres Kudacki / AP


Person with face covered by hands wears a red hat with the text "MAKE LYING WRONG AGAIN" at a restaurant
Jon Cherry / AP


Three people are seated in a crowd with varied expressions: one looking surprised, one looking emotional, and one looking indifferent. Names not known
Andres Kudacki / AP


A person wearing a cap and bracelets, resting their face in their hands, appears deep in thought in an audience. Another person is nearby, also focused
Rick Bowmer / AP


A woman in a plaid shirt sits at a bar with a hand over her face, while a man in a colorful shirt stands in the background
Lindsey Wasson / AP


A group of people sitting in a room, looking focused and emotional. They appear to be listening intently to something
Rebecca Blackwell / AP


Several people seated in a dimly lit room, with one elderly woman in the foreground holding her head in her hand, appearing distressed
Robert F. Bukaty / AP


Four men at an event reacting to something off-camera with varying expressions. Unidentified bottles and drinks are on the table in front of them
Ross D. Franklin / AP


A person with short hair holds their head in their hands, surrounded by blurred lights in the background
Lindsey Wasson / AP