People Are Still Mad About These 13 Edge-Of-Your-Seat TV Cliffhangers That Will Never Be Resolved Because The Shows Got Canceled

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

Recently, I rounded up some nail-biting TV cliffhangers that will never be resolved because the whole series got canceled. In the comments, the BuzzFeed Community shared even more shows that were canceled wayyy too soon.

Here are 13 of their top answers:

1."Devious Maids [which ended with a one-year time jump to Marisol's wedding day, where she was seemingly kidnapped before she could tie the knot with Peter]."

Screenshots from "Devious Maids"
Lifetime / Via Hulu


2."Hannibal! The fall from the cliff didn't look survivable, but then who roasted Dr. Du Maurier's leg?"

Screenshots from "Hannibal"
NBC / Via Amazon Prime Video
Screenshots from "Hannibal"
NBC / Via Amazon Prime Video

"I'll never get over that show. Can't they do one more season? 😞"


3."I guess it wasn't popular, but I liked How I Met Your Father, which got canceled after two seasons [and after Sophie and Jesse finally got together]. So we never know who the father of Sophie's children will be."

Screenshot from "How I Met Your Father"


4."GLOW [which ended with Debbie buying a TV network, then chasing after Ruth in the airport to ask her to direct the new show, only for her to get on her flight anyway]."

Screenshots from "GLOW"

"Bring back GLOW."


5."Pushing Daisies [which ended with Ned and Chuck going to visit her aunt, who's really her biological mother, and surprising the family members who thought Chuck was dead]."

Screenshots from "Pushing Daisies"
ABC / Via Max


6."I know I'm probably the only person who enjoyed Class, the Doctor Who spinoff, but it ended on a pretty serious cliffhanger [when Ames got killed by a Weeping Angel and April woke up in Corakinus's body]."

Screenshots from "Class"
BBC / Via
Screenshots from "Class"
BBC / Via

"I feel like it was just finding its footing as well. Season 2 could have been pretty good."


7."I will die angry that Prodigal Son was canceled. The romance was just heating up, and Malcolm just STABBED HIS SERIAL KILLER DAD."

Screenshots from "Prodigal Son"
Fox / Via Max

"And the cast and the writing were so good. I want more!"


8."The OA. Jason Isaacs IS Hap? I can never trust that man again."

"Hello, Hap"


9."Roswell, New Mexico. Do Max and Dallas ever come home? What do they find on Oasis? That is one I’m never going to get over."

Screenshots from "Roswell, New Mexico"
The CW / Via Netflix


10."ABC had this show called The Family. A politician’s son goes missing in a park. Years later, he shows up at the house, only it’s not their real son. The mother for sure knows it’s not her real son, but the rest of the family is suspicious. On the season finale, the actual son shows up and knocks on the door...and then the series ends."

Screenshot from "The Family"
ABC / Via

"Rude! It only had one season! It was canceled later that year."


11."Mork & Mindy. Mork is exposed, then they end up in prehistoric times. Would have been fun to see what they did with that."

Screenshots from "Mork & Mindy"
ABC / Via Amazon Prime Video


12."Caroline in the City. She's about to marry Randy, and then she sees Richard."

Screenshots from "Caroline in the City"
NBC / Via Amazon Prime Video
Screenshots from "Caroline in the City"
NBC / Via Amazon Prime Video

"Honestly, though, I was totally cool with this ending. It lets the viewer decide what happens."


13.And finally: "Archive 81. The show was a mind-bending masterpiece, and it ended with our main character [Dan Turner] stuck in a different timeline."

Screenshots from "Archive 81"


Which canceled TV series cliffhangers still bother you to this day? Why? Share your answers in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.