The 12 best reality shows streaming on Amazon Prime in May 2024

The streamer's reality content runs the gamut from competition programs to legal series.

<p>FOX Image Collection via Getty; Everett (2)</p>

FOX Image Collection via Getty; Everett (2)

Between an endless slew of new reality shows and existing favorites waiting to be binged, the scope of choices can feel overwhelming. Several series are chock-full of romance and drama (Married at First Sight) while some feature intense competition (Alone) or showcase talented artists, chefs, and performers. If scrolling through the myriad of reality programs feels like a chore, this list does the work for you, presenting only the crème de la crème.

Here are Entertainment Weekly’s picks for the 13 best reality shows on Amazon Prime Video right now.

Alone (2015–present)

Brendan George Ko/History
Brendan George Ko/History

There’s a peculiar solace in watching others navigate the wilderness from the comfort of your home. Unlike other survival-based competition series like Survivor — whose beaches are peppered with producers and camera operators — folks on Alone are truly on their own, filming their journeys in nearly uninhabitable environmental conditions with hand-held cameras. (Every so often they get wellness checks to ensure they’re still functioning.) The contestant who remains in the wilderness the longest without "tapping out” or being removed for medical reasons walks away with $500,000. —Sophie van Bastelaer

Where to watch Alone: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Nicole Apelian, Sam Larson, Brooke Whipple, Jesse Bosdell, Brad Richardson, Dave Nessia

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Betty White's Off Their Rockers (2012–2014; 2017)



Betty White didn't just settle for being called "off her rocker" — she decided to prove it to everyone! Premiering on NBC and wrapping its final season on Lifetime, this Punk'd-style, hidden-camera comedy series follows the six-time Emmy winner and her gang of senior pranksters causing disarray among the younger generation. Not only do the brazen pranks (which range from discarding a late husband's ashes to showing their sexy lingerie haul) offer sidesplitting, outrageous entertainment, White also gifts us with mini nuggets of wisdom and performs in various sketches that challenge stereotypes of older folks. —James Mercadante

Where to watch Betty White's Off Their Rockers: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Betty White, Reatha Gray, Ann Benson, Michael Yama

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Clarkson’s Farm (2021–present)



In 2008, British TV host Jeremy Clarkson purchased a thousand acres and a farm in the Cotswolds. After the local villager who ran it died in 2019, Clarkson decided to try farming the land himself with little to no experience. The show features a fun ensemble of supporting characters, comprising the hardworking farm hands and contractors responsible for the day-to-day operations. Each episode is focused on a different element of farming, from tractors to harvesting and so on. Whether or not you’re interested in Clarkson or agriculture, Clarkson's Farm is goofy, sweet, and well worth a watch. —S.V.B.

Where to watch Clarkson's Farm: Amazon Prime Video

Director: Gavin Whitehead

Cast: Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper, Lisa Hogan, Charlie Ireland, Gerald Cooper, Kevin Harrison, Ellen Helliwell, Alan Townsend, Dilwyn Evans

Fear Factor (2001–2012)



The six original seasons of everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) how-far-are-you-willing-to-go reality program are available on Amazon Prime. Developed from a Dutch show with the same premise, each episode of Fear Factor challenges contestants to perform three (often extremely dangerous or extremely gross) professional stunts to win $50,000. Generally, if a player refuses to participate, can’t complete one of the stunts, or doesn’t perform well, they are out of the running. It’s fascinating, disgusting, exhilarating, horrifying, and sometimes inspiring; like all great reality television, you absolutely can’t look away. —S.V.B.

Where to watch Fear Factor: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Joe Rogan

Hell's Kitchen (2005–present)

<p>FOX Image Collection via Getty</p>

FOX Image Collection via Getty

Boasting more than 300 episodes and five Emmy nominations, Hell’s Kitchen has been a reality television staple since 2005 thanks to the loud, aggressive, and oft-memed feedback from the show's host, Gordon Ramsay. Two teams of chefs compete in solo challenges and collaborative dinner services over several weeks. Their numbers dwindle through eliminations, the last two left standing face off in a head-to-head showdown. Hell’s Kitchen has remained relevant in pop culture not just because of Ramsay’s strong personality, but also because it’s a consistently well-designed and entertaining show, with a rotating cast of talented cooks and plenty of mouthwatering food. —S.V.B.

Where to watch Hell's Kitchen: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Gordon Ramsay

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Hollywood Houselift With Jeff Lewis (2022–present)



If you're used to Jeff Lewis' unfiltered, ferocious side that you got on Bravo's Flipping Out, be prepared to see a softer side of him on Hollywood Houselift. Dialing down the drama and amping up the fun, this Freevee series follows the interior designer as he takes on celebrity clients like Wilmer Valderrama, Melissa Rivers, and more, employing his trademark perfectionism and impeccable style to elevate their properties. While eagerly awaiting the stunning transformations, viewers also get a peek into Lewis' personal life and enjoy his snarky humor. —J.M.

Where to watch Hollywood Houselift With Jeff Lewis: Amazon Prime Video 

Cast: Jeff Lewis

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Judy Justice (2021–present)

Michael Becker/Amazon
Michael Becker/Amazon

When Judge Judy Sheindlin retired from her eponymous CBS program after 25 years, TV's highest-paid host didn't hang up her gavel for good. Instead, she traded it for a whole new look — including a modern burgundy robe — and a first-time venture on streaming. Assisted by law clerk and legal analyst Sarah Rose (who's also Sheindlin's granddaughter), certified stenographer Whitney Kumar, and former probation officer-turned-bailiff Kevin Rasco (replacing her longtime sidekick Petri Hawkins Byrd), Judy Justice maintains the same format as its forerunner. Here, Judge Judy continues to mediate small claims cases that tackle issues such as child custody disputes and employment contracts, all while delivering her signature no-nonsense mien. —J.M.

Where to watch Judy Justice: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Judy Sheindlin, Sarah Rose, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco

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Jury Duty (2023–present)

<p>Freevee/Everett </p>


Earning Amazon Freevee some real industry cred as a streaming service, this Nathan for You-like mockumentary series pulls off the ultimate Truman Show hoax on its unwitting "hero," Ronald Gladden. Unbeknownst to juror Gladden, his oddball cohorts and other courtroom figures for the (fake) trial are all paid performers — including James Marsden, who plays a self-absorbed, caricatured version of himself. Remaining extremely dedicated to the bit, the crew orchestrates various WTF scenarios to keep Gladden on his toes without dissolving their elaborate facade. While Jury Duty was already an innovative concept (nominated for three Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series), much of its charm comes from Gladden maintaining a heart of gold no matter how absurd the antics get. —J.M.

Where to watch Jury Duty: Amazon Prime Video

Director: Jake Szymanski

Cast: James Marsden, Alan Barinholtz, Susan Berger, Cassandra Blair, David Brown, Kirk Fox, Ross Kimbal, Pramode Kumar, Trisha LaFache, Mekki Leeper

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Making the Cut (2020–present)

Amazon Studios
Amazon Studios

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn left Project Runway to create and host Making the Cut, which follows 12 talented designers through a series of tasks with the ultimate goal of earning a mentorship, an exclusive fashion line, and $1,000,000 for their brand. Klum and Gunn are joined by judges Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, and Joseph Altuzarra to mentor and challenge already-established designers looking to make the next step in their careers. Extravagance is front and center, and it’s clear no expense was spared (the first episode features a catwalk in front of the Eiffel Tower). It’s a little more cutthroat than other similarly-designed competition shows and incorporates new elements as well — one of which is the designer who wins that week’s competition will have their design available for purchase on Amazon. —S.V.B.

Where to watch Making the Cut: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Joseph Altuzarra, Chiara Ferragni, Carine Roitfeld, Jeremy Scott, Winnie Harlow

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Married at First Sight (2014–present)


Before singles were getting engaged without laying eyes on each other on Love Is Blind, there was the ingenious social experiment of Married at First Sight. Spanning 17 seasons and counting (with a select few streaming on Amazon Freevee), Lifetime's top-rated series lives up to its incredibly on-the-nose title. Under the recommendation of relationship experts, two strangers tie the knot upon first meeting, set sail on a honeymoon excursion, and then dive headfirst into married life for eight weeks before determining their future. While some couples beat the odds and find lasting love, others become embroiled in good can't-look-away reality TV drama, from extramarital pregnancies to virginity reveals to onscreen meltdowns. —J.M.

Where to watch Married at First Sight: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Viviana Coles

Portrait Artist of the Year (2022–present)

<p>Sky Arts</p>

Sky Arts

Portrait Artist of the Year is a British reality show about professional and amateur artists across Britain and Ireland. In each episode, contestants produce a painted portrait of one of three models (or, as they’re known on the show, “sitters”), and at the end of the season, the winner receives a generous commission to paint a famous person for part of a national collection. Contestants range in age, background, and artistic style. In the tradition of many wholesome British reality shows, it’s perfect comfort viewing with a cup of tea. —S.V.B.

Where to watch Portrait Artist of the Year: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Joan Bakewell, Frank Skinner, Stephen Mangan, Kate Bryan, Kathleen Soriano, Tai-Shan Schierenberg

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Project Runway (2004–present)



Ever since debuting in 2004, the Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning reality competition series has been a platform for gifted designers to let viewers in on their creative process. Upon receiving limited material and being told to "make it work," contestants compete in diverse challenges and present their designs to a panel of judges, with one or more facing elimination each episode. With 20-plus seasons (Amazon Prime carries the first 16!) and a rotating cast including Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and Nina Garcia, Project Runway stitches together an endless display of creativity. —J.M.

Where to watch Project Runway: Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Karlie Kloss

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