From Body Doubles To Death Hoaxes, Here Are 11 Conspiracy Theories That Grew So Wild, Celebs Had No Choice But To Address Them

When you're a celebrity, rumors come with the territory. But conspiracy theories are a different kind of beast, and sometimes, they can get so deep and dark that celebrities have no choice but to speak out.

Here are 11 times celebrities responded to conspiracy theories about themselves.

THE THEORY: In the early 2000s, a theory emerged alleging Avril Lavigne had taken her life after becoming depressed over her music career and her grandfather's death. She was said to have been replaced by a lookalike named Melissa Vandella by money-hungry studio executives who wanted to continue to capitalize on her success, with photo and video "evidence" to support the idea.

Avril Lavigne at an event, wearing a black and red sleeveless top with fishnet arm warmers. She has long, straight hair with dark streaks and a silver necklace
Avril Lavigne at an event, wearing a black and red sleeveless top with fishnet arm warmers. She has long, straight hair with dark streaks and a silver necklace
Avril Lavigne attends an event wearing a black graphic tee with cut-out details and layered silver necklaces, standing in front of a promotional background
Avril Lavigne attends an event wearing a black graphic tee with cut-out details and layered silver necklaces, standing in front of a promotional background

George Pimentel / WireImage, Jesse Grant / Getty Images for iHeartRadio

THE RESPONSE: Avril has responded to the theory several times over the years — most recently, on the Call Her Daddy podcast. "It’s so dumb," she said. “Honestly, it’s not that bad. It could be worse, right? I feel like I got a good one. I don’t think it’s negative or anything creepy, so it’s like, we’re good.”

Avril Lavigne sings into a microphone on stage, wearing a hooded, sparkly mesh outfit
Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for iHeartRadio

THE THEORY: Kate Middleton's public absence after her abdominal surgery in January sparked various theories about her health. Some internet users speculated she'd actually died during the operation. Others joked she was somewhere secretly recovering from a BBL.

Kate Middleton waves and smiles while wearing a green coat and white top, with her hair down and gold earrings
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THE RESPONSE: In a video statement, Kate revealed she had been in treatment after cancer was discovered after her surgery. "I am now in the early stages of that treatment," she said. "We hope that you'll understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space, and privacy while I complete my treatment." She added that she looked forward to returning to her royal duties when she could.

Kate Middleton giving a speech at an event, wearing a stylish formal dress with matching hat. People with umbrellas can be seen in the background due to rain
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THE THEORY: In 2017, Lea Michele faced speculation she couldn't read after a now-viral episode of the pop culture podcast One More Thing. The hosts were discussing an anecdote from Naya Rivera's memoir, in which Naya claimed Lea refused to improvise scenes on Glee. The hosts figured Lea wouldn't do it because she had memorized lines that had been read to her. They postulated she had to be fed lines because she'd never actually learned to read.

Lea Michele wearing a sparkling silver gown with sequins and a small silver bow at the neckline, attending an event
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THE RESPONSE: In an interview with the New York Times, Lea said: "I went to Glee every single day; I knew my lines every single day. And then there's a rumor online that I can't read or write? It's sad. It really is. I think often if I were a man, a lot of this wouldn't be the case."

Lea Michele on a multicolored backdrop, wearing a floral embroidered dress with black velvet straps and statement earrings, smiling at the camera
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THE THEORY: Last year, after Jamie Foxx was hospitalized with an undisclosed medical issue, conspiracy theorists claimed he had died and been replaced by a clone.

Jamie Foxx in a patterned suit with a black bow tie and sunglasses posing at a formal event
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THE RESPONSE: Jamie reportedly addressed — and denied — the theory at the Critics Choice Association Awards Celebration of Cinema & Television: Honoring Black, Latino & AAPI Achievements. "I'm not a clone, I'm not a clone. I know a lot of people who were saying I was cloned out there," he said, per Page Six. "I want to thank everybody. I've been through something, I've been through some things."

Jamie Foxx, wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt, holds a microphone while speaking at an event with people visible in the background
Michael Bezjian / Getty Images for Entertainment Studios

THE THEORY: Similarly, there was a conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney from the Beatles had died in 1966. The rumor claimed he had been involved in a fatal car accident and was secretly replaced with a body double.

Paul McCartney in a suit and tie, making a peace sign with his right hand, while smiling slightly
Bruno Vincent / Getty Images

THE RESPONSE: During an appearance on Carpool Karaoke, Paul said that after 50 years of the rumor circulating, "We just kind of let it go."

Paul McCartney and another man are seated on stage, holding microphones, having a conversation at an event
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THE THEORY: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have long described themselves as "brothers," but some fans believe they've secretly dated since their One Direction days.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan at the BBC Music Awards. They are wearing casual and semi-formal outfits
Brian Rasic / WireImage

THE RESPONSE: Louis has denied the rumor several times. By 2024, he seemed defeated by the constant speculation surrounding their relationship. "What I realized a few years ago is that there is nothing I can say. There is nothing I can do to stop those who believe in this conspiracy," Louis told the Brazilian publication g1. "They are so connected to what they believe that they will not see the truth for what it really is."

Louis Tomlinson stands on stage holding a microphone. He is wearing a colorful, loose-fitting T-shirt with tattoos visible on his arms
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THE THEORY: Pretty much ever since the Kardashians became famous, fans have maintained a conspiracy theory that Khloé Kardashian is secretly O.J. Simpson's daughter. They allege Kris Jenner had an affair during her marriage to Robert Kardashian, with whom O.J. had been close friends.

Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian on stage at an event. Kris wears an elegant black outfit with sheer ruffles, and Khloé in a chic black strapless gown
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THE RESPONSE: The Kardashians have vehemently denied the claims. O.J. did, too. “I always thought Kris was a cute girl, she was really nice, but you know I was dating supermodels,” he said on the Full Send Podcast. “But the rumor ain’t true. Nowhere even close to being true.”

Kris Jenner in a ruffled black jacket and Khloé Kardashian in a white sleeveless dress, both smiling at an outdoor event
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THE THEORY: For years, people have theorized that Keanu Reeves is immortal because of his youthful appearance. There's even a website dedicated to this theory, which says Keanu has existed as early as the 1500s and that he's shape-shifted from historical figures such as Charlemagne and Paul Mounet.

Keanu Reeves stands on a red carpet wearing a dark blazer and a gray scarf, with a trimmed beard and slightly messy hair
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THE RESPONSE: During an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Keanu simply said, "We’re all stardust, baby."

THE THEORY: Jennifer Lawrence's graceful fall at the 2013 Oscars led to viral speculation that she faked it for attention.

Jennifer Lawrence in an elegant gown, tripping on the stairs during an awards show
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

THE RESPONSE: Jennifer soon denied the theory. "Trust me, if I was going to plan it, I would have done it at the Golden Globes or the SAGs," she told Marie Claire, per Entertainment Tonight.

Jennifer Lawrence, smiling, with hands raised, sits indoors wearing an off-shoulder black dress
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THE THEORY: After Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce went public in 2023, many assumed their relationship was fake.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at an event, with Taylor in casual attire and Travis wearing a plaid shirt and bandana. Travis wears a "Happy Gilmore" cap
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THE RESPONSE: Travis insisted otherwise in an interview ahead of the 2024 Super Bowl. "You're all crazy," he told reporter Tracy Wolfson, according to People. "Every last one of you, you're crazy." Travis also said, "It's been nothing but fun."

Travis Kelce, in a football uniform, and Taylor Swift, in a stylish dress, share a kiss surrounded by people and photographers at a crowded event
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THE THEORY: In 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were involved in a viral death hoax after California radio DJs Kramer and Twitch announced on air that the singers had gotten into a fatal car accident. According to ABC News, they claimed Britney had died in the crash, while Justin had been left in a coma.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears sitting at a dinner event, both smiling at the camera. Justin is wearing a suit, and Britney is wearing an off-shoulder gown
L. Cohen / WireImage

THE RESPONSE: Britney denied the rumors through her publicist. "There is no truth to the rumor circulating around the world that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were involved in a car accident on Tuesday," the rep said via a statement to Reuters, assuring fans Britney was in "great health."

Justin Timberlake in a white shirt and Britney Spears in a light beret and shiny top with large earrings, surrounded by microphones at a media event
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