The star sign most likely to have had an office romance

Lucy Dean
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New research has found that Libras are the most likely to have had an office romance, followed by Taurus and Virgo.

The survey of 2,569 by found that Libras are “known for wearing their hearts on their sleeve”, with 68 per cent having had an office romance.

For the purposes of the survey, PsychicWorld defined an office romance as anything from flirting with a colleague to being in a relationship.

Tauruses were described as dependable and known for their work ethic, but also happy to keep their office romance secret. Around 63 per cent have already experienced an office romance.

Virgos were the most likely to have had several office romances at the same time, with the report describing them as falling in love easily. More than half (55 per cent) had had an office romance.

Pisces, or the “long term lovers”, as the report described them, were the most likely to have an office romance that leads to marriage, with 52 per cent having had butterflies at work.

Less than half (46 per cent) of Aquarians had had an office office romance, but tend to keep things light to avoid committing.

Even fewer Geminis (41 per cent) had had an office romance, with their strong capabilities likely a draw for colleagues. However, PsychicWorld said these same workers were known for getting bored fast.

Scorpios prefer secrecy, according to PsychicWorld, and as such aren’t as interested in getting involved with people at work. That means only 37 per cent of Scorpios have had an office romance.

According to the report, Aries’ challenge is not scaring off co-workers with their “hard and fast” approach to romance. Only 34 per cent of Aries have had an office romance.

Fewer Sagittariuses (30 per cent) have fallen for a co-worker due to their “picky nature” and the value they place on freedom.

“Of all the signs, Sagittariuses value their freedom the most so if they are going to have an office romance, they will weigh up all the options beforehand.”

Cancers (22 per cent) are heavily focused on their “reputation and success” and as such they tend to avoid too much emotion at work, instead dedicating their energy to their job.

Leos, like Cancers, are too conscientious to get swept up in a romance with only 14 per cent indulging in a workplace romance.

Then there are the Capricorns, who PsychicWorld described as “in a committed relationship with work”.

Only 9 per cent of Capricorns have had a workplace romance, with their disciplined approach to the office not letting anything get in their way.

Should you even date a colleague?

According to SEEK insights, while 30 per cent of Australians overall have had or are in a workplace relationship, only 38 per cent believe it’s acceptable to kick off a romance in the office.

Additionally, 42 per cent believe it’s not a good idea to work with your partner.

But SEEK psychologist Sabina Read said there’s a good reason so many people begin relationships at work.

“We spend so much of our time at work, often engaged with others on projects and challenges, so it makes sense that friendships and romantic bonds develop. However, relationships are complex at the best of times, so when workplace connections become intimate, the ripple effect can be significant,” Read said.

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