Zac Efron and Iron Claw director explore film’s portrayal of toxic masculinity

Zac Efron and The Iron Claw director Sean Durkin explored the film’s portrayal of toxic masculinity.

The A24 film centres on the wrestling family the Von Erichs, and toxic masculinity is a major theme in the film.

“Very much at the core of it was this exploring this mould of masculinity,” Durkin said,

“And so everything is really extreme in the ring but then they go backstage and they can’t show any real emotions in life. And they have to keep it all inside,” he added.

Efron, 36, who plays Kevin Von Erich, said:

“It’s much more layered and not so easy to kind of just throw a name on it. You know, it really is a story about this guy’s survival through this real world So it’s just beautiful work from Sean.”