YouTube sensation Miss Rachel divides by revealing she puts her son to bed in his school clothes

Children’s YouTuber, Ms Rachel, has shared her unconventional parenting tip.

Getting kids ready for school in the morning can often feel like a Herculean task for parents. The daily routine of waking them up, getting them dressed, and ensuring they're fed and ready to face the day is a well-known battleground in households around the world.

But viral kids' YouTube sensation Ms Rachel has confessed to a rather unconventional parenting hack that has caused a stir among parents: she puts her five-year-old son to bed in his school clothes.

Miss Rachel on TikTok
The popular children's performer says she just can't teach her son to get dressed in the morning right now. Photo: TikTok/@msrachelforlittles (TikTok)

Known for her much-loved children’s TV show and popular children's music series aimed at language development, Ms Rachel says her reasoning behind this unusual approach is to streamline the morning routine. By having her son already dressed in his school attire, she believes it makes the early hours far smoother.


In a TikTok clip that has been viewed over 4.4M times, she shares her rationale, "We put on a nice new shirt, sweatpants, super comfy, great for jammies. And then when he wakes up, we just throw on sneakers."

She went on to clarify in the comments that her son bathes at night and doesn't get sweaty when he sleeps. She also said they've had no issues with crinkly clothes and the 'cozy pants and t-shots are what we'd choose for him for school anyway'.

While Ms Rachel acknowledges her intention to eventually teach her son to dress himself for school, she candidly shares that right now she just "can't," and that's perfectly fine. In a heartwarming message, she encourages other parents to ease up on themselves, saying, "And that’s okay, I’m doing my best and so are you. And I love you."

Ms Rachel's message of embracing imperfect parenting resonated with many TikTokers, some of whom openly shared their emotional reactions. Several followers even admitted to shedding tears over her words.

"I think I really needed Ms Rachel to say it’s okay to not be a perfect parent, and I didn’t know I needed that," one follower wrote, while another echoed the sentiment, saying, "Ms Rachel being so relatable is extremely healing."

"The moms that have time to bath kids in the morning blows my mind," another follower chimed in, "I got too many kids to get ready."

However, not everyone was enthusiastic about this unconventional parenting hack. Some expressed concerns that the unorthodox technique might compromise proper hygiene, while others simply found it unfeasible.

As one commenter stated, "I can’t even imagine this I’ll be honest. In the UK, we're so ingrained in nightwear then daywear. I think it's because of the weather."

"My kid is so sweaty, they could never," quipped another.

One more chimed in, "tell me something that feels illegal but isn't."

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