You'll Never Believe Whom Whoopi Goldberg Offered A 'Sister Act 3' Cameo

Whoopi Goldberg has finally met the pope and said he “seems to be a bit of a fan.”

The EGOT winner took a break Wednesday from her co-hosting duties on “The View” and regaled Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” about her decadelong attempt to meet Pope Francis. When asked if he really was a fan, Goldberg cheekily replied: “‘Sister Act,’ hello?”

The actor even claimed she offered Francis a cameo in “Sister Act 3,” which has remained in pre-production since 2020. While she joked that Francis said “he’d see what his time was like,” Goldberg wasn’t joking about her faith.

“I wanted to thank him,” she told Fallon about seeking out a meeting. “I’ve been trying to meet up with him for about 10 years, but every time I’d say, ‘OK, we’ll do it,’ it was like I’d step in something and then I couldn’t do it, they’d cancel the appearance.”

“But [this time],” Goldberg continued, “I stayed really good and I didn’t get into any trouble.”

The meeting was commemorated with a photo Fallon displayed Wednesday — which showed Goldberg handing Francis a vinyl copy of the “Sister Act” soundtrack. While a career change for the 87-year-old is unlikely, Goldberg said he’ll be in her good graces forever.

“I really like this man,” she told Fallon, “because when people talk about who you want, this is supposed to be the guy that you talk to. I like him, and he’s annoyed a lot of people because he said some things that people don’t think are correct, but I do.”

Goldberg regales Fallon about her meeting with Pope Francis as he displays a photo of it for his audience.
Goldberg regales Fallon about her meeting with Pope Francis as he displays a photo of it for his audience. Todd Owyoung/NBC/Getty Images

Francis has been a comparatively progressive pope and, since his inauguration in 2013, has comforted migrants at refugee camps, spoken up about climate change disproportionally affecting the poor — and claimed no authority over same-sex relationships.

“You’re the pope,” Goldberg explained Wednesday. “You say, ‘Listen, we welcome everybody. We want everybody at our party. We want everybody.’ You know? ‘We’re not going to judge you. Only God judges you.’”

Whether she’s still actively prepping for “Sister Act 3,” meanwhile, remains unclear. Goldberg claimed in 2023 that she “just can’t do it” without Maggie Smith, who played the stern mother superior with a heart of gold in the first two films — and is now 89 years old.

The cult classic franchise grossed nearly$200 million worldwide in the early 1990s.