15 Pictures That'll Have You Utterly Stumped For Several Minutes

15 Pictures That'll Have You Utterly Stumped For Several Minutes

1.This cliff that appears to be part of the exact cliff edge from the CLIF bar wrapper:

Person's hand holding a Clif energy bar with rocky terrain in the background
u/AnGabhaDubh / reddit.com

2.The lines in the bottom of this mug that show how often you may use the exact stirring motion:

Top-down view of an empty coffee mug with a circular stain inside
u/CallumLloyd_13 / reddit.com

3.This mind-boggling contraceptive failure rate chart that compares efficacy for "perfect" vs. "typical" use:

Chart comparing contraceptive failure rates per 100 women with typical use for IUD, injection, pill, patch, ring, and condom
u/KBranOoga / reddit.com

4.This random patch of long hair that grows darker and longer on this person:

Close-up of a person's leg showing hair growth
/u_Jeffra / reddit.com

5.And this head of hair that automatically made the number "25" with curls:

Silhouette of a person's curly hair against a car ceiling, with sunlight filtering through the hair
u/Steln / reddit.com

6.This guy who shaved his head but then discovered he had ~grooves~ in his skull:

Person with a buzz-cut hairstyle viewed from above, showing unique scalp lines
u/thatdocman / reddit.com

7.This fancy Las Vegas hotel bathroom that had a chunk of the Berlin wall behind the urinals:

Public restroom with three urinals and hand sanitizer dispenser, featuring partitioned privacy
u/thatandyinhumboldt / reddit.com

8.This chunk of Teddy Grahams that got packaged up:

Hand holding a cookie with teddy bear shapes imprinted on it
u/CostcoFireball / reddit.com

9.This thrift store that is the go-to for anyone wanting to get rid of a Scene It? game:

Shelves stocked with a variety of board games and puzzles in a store
u/NBr33zii avataru/NBr33zii / reddit.com

10.This moment in the sky that looked like the clouds were forming a square portal:

Street lamp post with unique cloud formation behind it in a daylight sky
u/Drum-Major / reddit.com

11.This random horse in suburban back yard:

Horse stuck halfway over a metal fence beside a residential building
u/farcarcus / reddit.com

12.This beautiful plant that resembles a spider web:

A green fern plant growing among forest litter
u/MusicalTrees23 / reddit.com

13.These boats are not on dry land at all, the water is just covered with sedges:

A dock with boats and waterfront homes in the background, with reeds scattered in the foreground
u/Billbo_Baggins / reddit.com

14.This corroding faucet that actually looks like a map of the US:

Close-up of a worn tap with a cracked surface, no identifiable persons
u/Luke-Skywalk / reddit.com

15.And this kitty who had its own full-size pillow of itself to cuddle:

A real cat cuddling with a pillow shaped like a cat
u/ProlificMystic33 / reddit.com