The Veronicas: ‘Fame won’t make you happy’

Maz Compton

It’s been said quite often over the years that I could perhaps be an unofficial member of The Veronicas.

We three are teeny-tiny, brunettes that call everyone babe. But these resilient and talented chicks seem to be doing just fabulous as a duo, back at the top of our charts and with a new album on the way.

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Maz Compton caught up with Jess and Lisa Origliasso. Image: Supplied
The Origliassos reveal they always have each others back. Image: Supplied

Jess and Lisa Origliasso sure know how to write a pop song - it’s in their blood. But The Veronica’s don’t even know where they are living right now. The supersonic, pocket rockets drift between their childhood home of Brisbane and their musical home of Los Angeles.

I asked the girls when we met recently, if they had to choose a place to settle where would they choose. Jess jumped in first with, "I love London," Lisa followed on with, "I prefer the Sunshine Coast." Two places in the world that are very far apart for these two sisters who once shared a womb.

The truth is the bond they have is pop-rock solid. Lisa explains, "If someone is attacking Jess, it’s like a psycho switch that turns on in me. We always have each other's back".

Jess adds, "We are little, but we are psychotic."

I prefer the term feisty, being a tiny, passionate human myself.

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Over a decade in the industry has certainly seen Jess and Lisa mature. The fiercely grounded girls opened up about how important family is to them, in particular their mother (or Momager) Colleen, who has been a pillar of strength through their career. As Lisa puts it: "From the craziness of peak celebrity and success and all that, to the sort of lows of, you know, not even being able to get your music released."

The Veronicas made a guest appearance on The Voice, stepping in for the Madden brothers. Image: Instagram

The girls told me they hear younger fans in school often tell them they too, want to be famous. To this Lisa rationally explains, "The reason why kids say they want [fame] is because what they are really trying to say, 'I want to be happy'." Both experts in the fame field, they deliver this sound advice: "Fame if anything only amplifies your fears and your insecurities and your anxieties and your paranoia."

Jess continues, "Whatever your passion is, popularity doesn’t necessarily equal integrity."

Living an authentic life, being true to yourself and your craft is how The Veronicas roll these days.

Lisa sums it up: "Success is just waking up in the morning and feeling happy within myself." Can you say you are?

The Veronicas divide their time between home in Brisbane and LA. Image: Instagram

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