'World's hottest nan' has spent $100k on her looks

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Alice Vasquez claims she is the “hottest gran in the world” and has spent over $100,000 on her looks.

While her youthful appearance may have many fooled, Alice is actually 39 and a grandmother to three.

Her eldest daughter Kayla, 23, has two girls, and her son Michael, 20, has a daughter as well.

“But I’m not your typical nan. I go to the gym all the time too. I might a grandma but I am still sexy and young,” Alice told the Sun.

Alice is a 39-year-old grandmother of three. Photo: Facebook/Alice  Vasquez

“I hate the stereotype of grannies having grey hair and carrying walking sticks.”

The yoga teacher first became a grandma at 32, when Kayla was just 16.

And while the mum said at the time her daughter was too young to have a child, Alice has now embraced her grandma status and calling herself a ‘glam-a’.

She calls herself a ‘glam-a’. Photo: Facebook/Alice  Vasquez

She even still loves going to clubs.

“When I go out young guys approach me. They say ‘you look like you’re 27 or 28’,” Alice to the publication.

Alice has spent over $100k on her looks. Photo: Facebook/Alice  Vasquez

However, her looks aren’t entirely natural. She admitted she has spent over $100,000 to maintain her youthful appearance.

All up Alice has had four boob jobs, a nose job, had the fat under her eyes removed, numerous lip fillers and botox.

She’s also had fillers on her cheek bones.

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