'World's hottest granny' on why she's removing her breast implants

The woman who has been dubbed the ‘World’s Hottest Granny’ has revealed that she is removing her breast implant.

47-year-old Gold Coast mum-of-four, Gina Stewart, who got a $10,000 boob job in 2007, said she’s going to take a leaf out of Pete Evans’ wife, Nicola Robinson’s book and have them removed for health reasons.

Gina, who has over 84,000 Instagram followers, said she doesn’t care if she gets unfollowed because of her decision.

“They will probably delete me. Unfollow me and probably be disappointed. I don’t know, and I don’t really care,” Gina told Sunday Night.

“It’s not about the size of my breasts any more. It’s about my health.”

Gina, whose 25-year-old daughter also has implants, previously revealed that she doesn’t use plastic because of the chemicals in it.

“I won’t ever use plastic wrap to cover up my food either. It’s not good for you,” Gina told Caters News.

“It’s common sense that chemicals do not belong in our bodies. While it is impossible to avoid all chemicals, I’m learning to eliminate them as much as possible.

“It can be easy to look after yourself as naturally as possible by eating plant-based products and foods that are inexpensive.”

Meanwhile, Nicola Robinson revealed on Sunday Night that she believed her implants were making her ill.

She claimed that her implants weren’t ruptured but her surgeon insisted she get them tested for silicone.

“Sure enough, it was riddled with it, which proved that even though the implants hadn’t ruptured at all, the silicone was still leeching,” she said.

“I knew 100 per cent too that they were making me sick and essentially ageing me. So it just made perfect sense to me that they had to go. There’s just so many advantages to not having two large bags attached to your chest.”

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