Woolworths shopper scores trampoline for $13 thanks to pricing glitch: 'In shock'

Woolworths shoppers were in a frenzy this week when a recent “glitch” on the Everyday Market site allowed them to purchase big-ticket children’s toys for peanuts.

Woolworths’ Everyday Market is an online marketplace where shoppers will find a huge range of household appliances, pet care, baby products, toys, health and beauty products from brands like Dyson and Fisher-Price.

One Woolies shopper revealed that she scored a children’s trampoline and sandpit boat for less than $25 due to a price “glitch” on the Everyday Market website two weeks ago.

Everfit 4.5-foot Round Trampoline on Woolworths Everyday Market website
The Woolworths customer scored the Everfit 4.5-foot Round Trampoline on the Everyday Market website for just $13. Source: Woolworths Group

“I’m in shock! The trampoline from the glitch, or whatever it was on [the] Woolworths marketplace site just rocked up! Bargain for $13!” she wrote.

“Also ordered the sandpit boat for $10 which is still in transit,” she added.

Savvy Woolworths shopper scores $255 saving on kids' toys

The excited shopper shared a screenshot of the Everfit Round Trampoline on the Everyday Market website she purchased for just $13.

"I thought for sure they were going to cancel and refund," confessed the shopper in a comment.

A quick glance at the Everyday Market site shows that the Everfit trampoline is now “temporarily unavailable”.

However, the trampoline is still available on the Everfit website for $149.99, which proves that shoppers bagged a significant bargain in this instance.

Woolworths shopper browses the Everyday Market website on a laptop computer
The Woolworths shopper scored a saving of around $255 on the big-ticket toys. Source: Woolworths Group

Meanwhile, the price of the Keezi Kids Wooden Sandpit Boat that the Woolies customer purchased for $10 has since been rectified on the Woolworths Everyday Market and is currently $129.05.

Hence the customer received a saving of around $255.04 for both items due to the pricing error on the website.

Woolworths was contacted for comment by Yahoo Lifestyle about the alleged pricing "glitch".


'Such a bargain': Woolworths shoppers take advantage of pricing 'glitch'

Eagle-eyed Woolworths customers shared similar stories of how they took advantage of the glitch to score some savings on kids’ toys in the comments.

“I got the sandpit the other day. The basketball hoop and air track blow-up mat are in transit,” wrote one shopper.

“I ordered the sandpit and kitchen and they got cancelled after I had an email saying they were in transit. Such a bargain!” laughed another customer.

While Woolworths honoured the reduced price for many shoppers, they began to cancel customer orders once they learned of the pricing error.

Woolworths Everyday Market delivery box alongside sandpit boat product listing
Some Woolworths shoppers took advantage of the pricing glitch and bought the $129.05 Keezi Kids Wooden Sandpit Boat for $10. Source: Woolworths Group

Several customers revealed they were disappointed to discover their orders had been cancelled by the supermarket over the phone and via email.

“Trampoline of mine got cancelled, two delivered, one in transit, one shipment created but it stops there,” lamented one shopper.

Another wrote: “I know people who have ordered things from there recently and everything got cancelled [...] One of the people I know even got a tracking number and it was still cancelled.”

Recently, the same Facebook group made headlines for posting about a pricing glitch that allowed Hungry Jack's customers to score up to 100 per cent off a meal deal on DoorDash by using a faulty promo code.

Woolworths apologises for seller's pricing error on Everyday Market

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle that they are aware of the seller's pricing error on a number of items on Everyday Market website.

“We are aware that a seller incorrectly priced a number of items listed for sale on Everyday Market from Woolworths," said the spokesperson.

“Any customers who purchased the items at the incorrect price have received a full refund in accordance with our terms and conditions," they added.

The spokesperson confirmed that Everyday Market sellers have the right to reject and cancel an Everyday Market order if the product is unavailable or there is an error in the price or product description.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the order cancellation and pricing error.”

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