Woolworths fans divided over $25 cleaning buy: 'I love it'

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Woolworths fans are divided over a $25 cleaning buy. Photo: AAP

If you've ever struggled to find the right tools to clean with, the best technique to get a mark out or the best homemade cleaning products to try, then online groups and cleanfluencers are the way to go.

One such group is the Mums Who Clean Facebook group. Here, mums, some of who are professional cleaners, share their tips and techniques to make cleaning quick, efficient and effective.

But that doesn't mean they always agree with each other.


This week group member asked about the Woolworths Essentials Wring Mop & Bucket Set and had the group divided over whether it was worth the purchase or not.

"I've heard so many mixed reviews about these," Chloe wrote in her post. "If you’ve got one, do you like it? Is it good for everyday use?"

At just $25 it seems like a bargain, right? Well, it's only a bargain if it actually does the job.

Is it a winner or a sinner? Cleanfluencers can't agree... Photo: Woolworths
Is it a winner or a sinner? Cleanfluencers can't agree... Photo: Woolworths

"I have this one for my day to day, spot cleaner. I love it. Light, easy to use, put the mat in the washing machine. I like how the bucket had clean and dirty, so I know I'm mopping with clean water," one mum replied.

"I have one and love it. Thumbs up for me," a commenter added.

"I've got this one and it's pretty good, not perfect but honestly on my gloss tiles I'm yet to find anything that's perfect anyway," another mum wrote frankly. "I use it with warm water and some vinegar and the result is pretty good and it's nice and easy to use as well."

But others disagreed.

"I didn’t like mine at all. I much prefer my spin mop," one user wrote. 

"I used mine once and put it my bin waste of money," another added.

One thing a few of the mums agreed on was that it was really good for cleaning the walls – who knew you had to mop your walls!

"Got mine for walls," one follower wrote. "Same here," another added, "it was a God-send when doing our vacate clean a few weeks ago."

But it does seem to have one fault even those who love it struggled with, replacement pads for the mop don't seem to be available either online or in stores.

"I had this one. It was excellent until I couldn’t find the replacement mats" one of the fans wrote.

Do you have this mop at home? What do you think?

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