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Woolworths' cult meerkat statues are back and they're selling out fast

After a hiatus from supermarket shelves, Woolworths have restocked one of their most popular sell-out items to date.

Returning to the chain online and in-store are the highly collectable garden meerkat statues - a collection of 45 Meerkfat figurines that are captivating the nation and already selling out.

Standing at 22cm tall, the garden decorations are individually dressed as iconic characters in meerkat form.

Shoppers can choose from Struan the Scot dressed in tartan with a sporran, Willow the Witch in a black and purple robe holding a broom or the feminine Rose the Valentine Meerkat clutching a posy of roses.

A meerkat figurine in Scottish outfit and on the right, one in a purple witch robe against a white background.
Woolworths' cult meerkat figurines have made a huge comeback. Photo: Woolworths


Now on sale between $10 to $18, the meerkat figurines are already sending shoppers wild with several characters sold-out online.

You'll have to try your luck in-store if you're after Grenadier the Guard, Abigail the Meerkat Beach Dancer or Donald the Meerkat Pilot.

There seems to be a meerkat for most traditional professions, spanning through doctors, paramedics, firemen, policemen, tradesmen and artists, with a few nods to famous franchises like the Elvis-inspired Cord the Singer and Daska Intergalactic Warrior, a meerkat draped in a white cinched robe with a brown overshirt.

There's even a subtle Harry Potter design in Ozwald the Meerkat Wizard, dressed in a shirt and tie uniform complete with a Gryffindor-like black and red robe with a wand in one hand.

A red Grenadier meerkat on the left, an Elvis meerkat in the middle and a Harry Potter-inspired Meerkat on the right against a white background.
Shoppers can choose from over 30 characters in the meerkat collection. Source: Woolworths

The figurines have enjoyed growing popularity in the last four years with 2020 selling the equivalent of 2019’s stock in the first week.

Now in 2022, Woolworths estimate that approximately 150,000 meerkat figurines will be sold throughout this Spring.

Judging from Woolworths' online stock, it seems that they're already flying off shelves.

"These guys are awesome," one happy shopper wrote on Facebook.

One avid buyer has even created an Instagram account dedicated to their enormous collection.

Shoppers can source the meerkat figurines online via the Woolworths website or find the characters in-store.

But hurry, they're already selling out!

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