"Creepy" Really Doesn't Seem Like A Strong Enough Word To Describe These 23 Horrifying Experiences People Had

"Creepy" Really Doesn't Seem Like A Strong Enough Word To Describe These 23 Horrifying Experiences People Had

Warning: This post contains mentions of suicide and death. Please proceed with caution.

Every month, I ask BuzzFeed readers like you to share the creepiest things they've ever experienced. From ghosts to serial killers and everything in between, I read hundreds of stories a month and pick the most bone-chilling to share with you all right here. So, without further ado, here are 23 of the absolute creepiest stories people submitted this month:

1."When my daughter was around 5, my favorite great-uncle Jimmy passed away. She had never met him, and I didn’t mention it to her because she was so young. After the funeral, I came home and went to her room to let her know I was back home. I noticed she was playing Uno by herself and had two hands dealt. I jokingly asked, 'Who is winning?' and she yelled, 'UNCLE JIMMY IS!' I about lost it! She is 14 now, and I recently told her this story. She still remembers playing with him. He was my absolute favorite great-uncle when I was younger and I’m so glad she got to meet him that way, at least."

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2."At the time of this story, I lived 200 miles from my parents and worked in a fancy restaurant as a server. One day at work, I just started crying out of nowhere, feeling like something was wrong with my mother. They had no phone, and my sister lived about 15 miles from her. So, I called her and asked her when she had spoken to our mom last. She had said the week before, so I begged her to please drive over there and check on her, then call me back at work. It was over an hour later when I finally stopped crying, and my boss said my sister was on the phone for me. She said that mom had fallen right after my dad had left for work that morning and broke her ankle in eight places. My mom had been lying on the floor for almost an hour before she got there. They rushed her to the hospital and had to do immediate surgery on her foot. My sister called me as soon as she could afterward. My mom would have laid there for over eight hours if I hadn't called."

—Debi C, Estill, SC

3."Back in 2007, my family went to Kauai for my mom’s 60th birthday. We were staying in a condo right on the beach that had been renovated from a motel. The place had two bedrooms, and the one I stayed in had a rolling wall to separate it from the living room/kitchen and the hallway. In the middle of the night, I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall, through the living room, and into my bedroom. I was lying on my left side, facing away from the door, but I heard them stop in front of me. I turned to look and saw a brilliant bright light and a man standing there. He looked like an older biker dude — he had his grey hair pulled back in a ponytail and was wearing a black leather vest with a white T-shirt underneath. As I stared at him, he and the light just dissolved."

"My eyes hurt because of the adjustment from the bright light to blackness. I thought, 'What a weird dream,' and rolled on my right side to try and go back to sleep. Less than five minutes later, the footsteps came back — again down the hall, through the living room, to my bed...but now on the other side. My hand was out of the covers resting by my head, and someone (or something?) took hold of it and squeezed it gently. I was too scared at this point to open my eyes and just said, 'Please go away, please go away!' The pressure stopped, and all was quiet. When I had the courage, I opened my eyes...and nothing was there. I told my family about it, and my mom absolutely believed me. Don’t know who he was, but I hope he’s found peace."

—Kristin, Seattle, WA

4."This was in downtown Indianapolis in the early '90s. I was with a friend, and we were looking at rentals to share. There was a house in this old neighborhood that once upon a time had been where a lot of the Jim Jones cult members had lived. The rent was low even for that time, especially for a full house. We walked up to the property, and the second I stepped onto the large front porch, I froze. My friend asked why I stopped, and I said, 'I can't move.' I was literally paralyzed by a feeling of absolute malice. A minute later, I was finally able to move again and foolishly allowed myself to be goaded into checking it out."

"The house was huge and dark, with only a few large pieces of furniture inside. The thick curtains had been drawn, and the only light was from the kitchen behind an arch where the owner stood. As soon as we entered, there were two massive pit bulls, one black and the other dark brown. They circled around us as we walked, then ran up to the middle of the staircase. They didn’t make a sound — just glared at us with menace. My friend saw them too but didn’t think much about them.

He and the owner were chatting, but I was so freaked I couldn’t really talk. At one point, my friend was really excited by what a deal this place was, how much space it'd be for parties, and how our other friends could room with us. So, the owner said, 'Well, then let’s show you the upstairs!' Immediately, the dogs stepped down a few more steps so that they were right near the bottom of the staircase and assumed a striking posture.

I nervously laughed and said to the owner, 'Well, it seems your dogs don’t want us to go up there. Maybe you could put them in the yard out back?' The owner replied, 'What are you talking about? I told you the house is empty, and I don’t own any dogs.' My friend finally got the vibe, and we booked it out of there. It was hours before we finally stopped shaking."


Dog with an aggressive stance, baring teeth, against a dark background
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5."My dad and I were in the backyard with our telescope, looking at the stars. We were way out from the city lights, and it was a new telescope, so we could see pretty well. It was cool — we could clearly see the rings around Saturn, the craters of the moon, and some planets. After a bit, we saw a strange thing moving slowly across the sky, but very close. This was in the late 1960s. We were watching it move backward, sideways, and up and down. I was only 12, so I asked my dad what was going on and what that could be. He looked at me and said VERY seriously, 'We did not see a thing; never mention it again to anyone.' He walked inside without another word. Even years later, if I mentioned the 'thing,' he would get a frightened look on his face and say, 'I don't know what you are talking about.' Whatever he believed it was frightened him enough that, even in his late eighties, he was still terrified of 'them' finding out that he saw."


6."In middle school, a friend and I got really into tennis after finding some old racquets in her parents' garage one day. We’d played in her cul-de-sac until, one day, we decided we wanted to play on some real courts. The closest courts were at our middle school, which was less than a mile from her house. We walked to school every day, so it seemed like no big deal to us. This was the early 2000s, so it’s not like we’d ever tell our parents where we were going. It was very much a 'just be home when the street lights turn on' kind of childhood."

"It was a scorching day, so there was literally no one at the courts or the school, which was usually brimming with people walking the track and kids playing football or basketball. Naively, we were psyched, thinking we scored the whole place to ourselves. We started playing and got really hot and sweaty. Thinking we were the only ones around, we started rolling up our shorts to make them shorter, tying our shirts up into crop tops with ponytail holders, and tucking our sleeves up into our bra straps tank-top-style just to get any kind of reprieve. Again, we wouldn’t dare do this if other people were around, but since we thought we were all alone, we felt comfortable.

Maybe thirty minutes or so later, an older couple parked, and we kind of rolled our eyes, annoyed that we now had to share the courts with someone else and make ourselves a bit more presentable. There were two lower courts and two upper courts, so we were a bit shocked that they made a beeline to the lower courts we were on since we assumed they’d want the upper courts all to themselves. Well, the woman motioned us over to her and asked us if we were with anyone, like a parent. Annoyed, we thought she was going to lecture us about two young girls being out unsupervised, but instead, she started telling us about how there had been a man hiding behind one of the pillars in the concourse under the basketball court in the school, which is within eyesight of the tennis courts. She said he kept peaking out to watch us. Apparently, as soon as the couple pulled up, he left.

We got so freaked out that we called my friend’s dad to come get us. Thankfully, my friend had JUST gotten a cellphone after convincing her parents she needed it for safety. Had it not been for that couple, we most likely would’ve finished playing and made our way back to her house, which required a long walk along this remote back path on the backside of both our middle school and the neighboring elementary school. Who knows if this man would’ve either attacked us along this trail where no one could hear us scream or see us or if he would've followed us back to either of our homes. Maybe the worst part, though, was that when we told our parents what happened, they both kind of shrugged it off like we were making mountains out of molehills."

—Elizabeth, Dallas, TX

7."I won a staring contest with a doll. I'm not joking. I was sitting on my bed at 9 p.m., reading a book. I looked up and a doll I had never seen before seemed to be staring at me. I didn't want to look away, so I kept staring. After a while, it slowly, deliberately, blinked. I immediately walked over to it, grabbed it, and slept with it. That probably sounds weird, but I wanted it where I could see it. When I woke up in the morning, the doll was sitting in the same place as it had been that night, staring at me. I have no idea how it got there. I went to McDonalds later that day, threw it in the garbage bin, and thankfully never saw it again."

Vintage dolls displayed, focus on one with blue eyes and red outfit. No persons to name


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8."When my mom was a teenager, my grandfather passed from a brain tumor. When I was little, my gram would babysit me, and whenever I was alone, I would always see a shadow of a tall, skinny person watching me. I would run to my gram and ask why the shadow ran away when I caught it watching me play. She always replied that it was grandpa watching me. At my gram’s funeral over a decade later, my cousins and I were all talking. Someone brought up how every strange noise was attributed to Grandpa saying hi to us, so I brought up the strange shadow. My cousins all had the same story. It was bizarre."

"Recently, my sister was talking to the house's current owner and asked if she ever experienced anything odd there. The owner mentioned that her son had an imaginary friend with a strange name. My sister asked if his name was Hyle, and the lady said it was. Hyle was my grandpa's name."


9."In college, I lived with some friends in an older house off campus. It'd been built in maybe the '20s, I’d guess. It had a basement, a main level, and an upstairs. The upstairs door had a flimsy nail keeping it shut, and we weren’t supposed to go up there. Naturally, we did. It hadn’t been renovated like the rest of the house—lots of dust, peeling wallpaper, and an overall unsettling vibe. Not long after exploring it, we were having a dance party in the dining room area of the house (as you do when you are 20). We were all drinking and singing loudly. A chest-height built-in cabinet separated the dining area from the living room. On top of it, there was a bottle of water about half full. As we were dancing and carrying on, out of nowhere, the bottle flew off the cabinet and across the room, like someone had slapped it with all their might."

"None of us were anywhere near it. Suffice it to say, the party ended right away, and we all went to bed. We started to think that maybe we should have stayed out of the attic after all."

—Kelsey, Minnesota, USA

10."Several years ago, when Blockbuster video was still a thing, I worked at an independent video rental place. The store was in an old farmhouse that was said to be haunted. Several past and present employees claimed to have seen or heard unexplained footsteps, doors slamming, or shadows/apparitions appear, but in the time I had worked there, I hadn’t noticed anything, nor did I believe in ghosts or the supernatural in general."

"Anyway, being that this was a converted (very large) house, there were multiple rooms, and therefore, unlike Blockbuster, the space was entirely uncontrolled. This meant when a customer found a movie (or movies) they wished to rent, they would present the empty case from the 'floor' to us and one of us would then go into the area behind the counter to pull the actual movie. There was a room in the far back down a short hallway for the 'adult' section, the main floor in front of the counter for new releases and popular videos, a room off to the right and behind the counter for classics and documentaries, and a final room across the main floor and just to the left where the children’s movies were kept. The interior of this room was not directly visible from behind the counter, but the doorway was.

As part of the closing routine, one of us would walk the main and back floors, locking doors and making sure there wasn’t anyone hiding anywhere. Once all of the rooms were cleared and the doors were locked, we would start counting out our tills. As usual on weekend nights, there were three of us counting out our own tills when we all heard the unmistakable sound of many — as in dozens — of empty VHS cases crashing to the floor. The cases normally sat on shelves along the walls and on A-frame-like structures in the centers of the rooms. The cases were fairly light and easy to accidentally knock over, but this was the sound of an entire section collapsing to the ground at once. The hair on my neck stood up, and I felt an instant bolt of cold fear course through my body as we looked at each other in near unison and exclaimed, 'Did you hear that?!' Clearly, we all had.

I immediately thought, Holy hell, someone hid in there, and we are about to be robbed and/or murdered. We waited for what seemed like several minutes, straining to hear any other indications an intruder was about to come rushing out of the room. My heart was beating so loudly it seemed like it was about to burst its way out of my chest. Finally, I worked up the courage to investigate and cautiously approached the room. I reached just inside the doorway, feeling for the light switch, as I called out, 'Anyone there!?' I flipped the lights on and peered into the room, then finally went all the way in...and observed a completely pristine, undisturbed space with nothing out of place. I still get a chill when I think about it, only because all three of us there that night heard the same thing at the same time but found no indication anything had happened at all."


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11."When I was 12 or so, my brother and I went to sleep over at my father’s apartment. He moved constantly back then, and we had never visited him in this place before. I was settled in a camp bed in the spare room, and my little brother was sharing the bed with our father in his room across the hall. I was a child who had horrendous night terrors, but this experience was different from the usual array of 'Disney characters with fangs' that normally terrorized me. In the middle of the night, I awoke to see a shadow of a man leaning in the doorway. His arms were up against each side of the frame, and he was still and silent. I thought it was my father at first and called out, 'Dad?' The figure didn’t move."

"I can still feel the goosebumps of terror that pricked up all over my body. I yelled, Dad...Daddy?' The shadow still did not move, so I screamed. My father’s bedroom light went on, and the shadow figure instantly disappeared in the wash of light.

My father wrote it off as my usual night terrors, but I know it was different. I saw a ghost that night, and it is the only ghost I have ever seen. Thankfully, my father moved somewhere else, and we never went back to that house."

—Belinda, Lumby, BC, Canada

12."During the summers when I was home from college, I worked at a group/nursing home for older women with dementia and disabilities. It was basically a residential home that about seven women lived in. I took the evening shift one night and overheard one of the residents talking in her room. She didn’t share a room with anyone. I came in and asked her who she was talking to, and she said, 'The little boy in my closet.' I didn’t think too much into this since she had dementia along with intellectual disabilities. I tucked her into bed and continued on with my night. About a month later, a handyman came to the house to work on some things. I explained to him where things were, but he said, 'Oh, don’t worry, I have been servicing this house for years,' and knew where everything was. I was making small talk with him about the place, and he told me that it took a while for this house to sell and be occupied after 'what happened.'"

"I didn’t know what he was talking about, so obviously, I asked. He told me that 20 years ago, a little boy died in the house after drinking laundry detergent. The news got around and the house wouldn’t sell until it was purchased by the state to be used as a group home. I immediately thought about what the resident told me about the boy in her closet, and I never took a night shift again."

—Jules, Connecticut, USA

13."I’ve had my fair share of weird experiences, but the one that always sticks out the most is my experience with what I call 'the Death Dogs.' It was the summer before my senior year of college, and I was living at home with my parents. For a few weeks, there was this strange, dark, ominous feeling in the house, almost like you were being stalked. Every night, that feeling would get worse and worse. My bathroom was just across the wide hallway from my bedroom. It was maybe six or seven feet from door to door. Not very far, right? It got to the point where I, a 22-year-old adult, would turn off the bathroom light and RUN to my bedroom, slamming and locking the door, riddled with fear at night."

"I vividly remember the worst night of them all. I woke up around 2 a.m. with the worst urge to pee. There was no holding it until morning, which meant there was no escaping going out into the hallway. I turned on my lights, opened my door ever so slowly, peeked down the pitch-black hallway towards my parents' bedroom, and had this strange vision of two monster-like dog creatures turning back to look at me. I ran into the bathroom, peed as fast as I could, and ran back into my room just as quickly. In the brief moment of running back into my room, I had the feeling that the 'dogs' were running down the hallway after me. It was so intense that I felt the need to lock and hold my door shut for several minutes before I felt safe enough to let go and go back to bed.

That next day, my Dad passed away unexpectedly from a fatal heart attack. That night, I woke up again with the urge to pee. Half asleep, I walked to the bathroom and back without a second thought. It wasn’t until I was getting back in bed that I realized I hadn’t even turned on a single light and that the dark, awful feeling was gone.I don’t know if it was the grief that trumped all my other thoughts and emotions or what, but I don’t think it was a coincidence with the timing of the events. This June will mark 14 years since his passing, and that juxtaposition of feeling such dread and fear to absolutely NOTHING still gives me anxiety."

—Anitra, Arizona, USA

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14."I was out shopping one day and walked up to the girls at the register to ask them to open the fitting room doors for me. One girl went to help me, and the other girl — whose head was down — looked up abruptly and almost fearfully, then started crying. I sat there wondering what the hell was going on. Through tears, the girl managed to ask me if I had a young daughter who had passed away. I was white as a ghost and mumbled yes. About four years prior, my 6-year-old daughter died in a car accident. The girl proceeded to tell me that my daughter was there and wanted me to know that she was OK and that she loved me."

"I started crying and was in complete shock. I moved away after the accident to a different state, so it’s not as if the girl could have known me or what happened. The other girl started explaining that this had happened one other time before and that the girl was crying because getting these 'visits' from people who had passed scared her. I was in such shock that I walked into the fitting room and balled my eyes out. But I have to admit, it was such a blessing to have my little girl visit me in some way."

—Michelle, Philadelphia, USA

15."Since I was very young, I get this overwhelming feeling of fear at the exact moment a loved one was dying, with no knowledge that it was even happening. When I was 6, we had a family friend whose child I used to play with. He had a heart condition. I vividly remember that there was one night I dreamt about him, and when I woke up, I immediately knew he'd died. I can't explain it — I wasn't really old enough to properly even know what death was, but I just knew he wasn't here anymore. When I went downstairs, my mum told my sister and me that he'd passed away overnight."

"Years later, when I was about 12, I was walking to school, and an inexplicable and immense feeling of fear that someone was going to die came over me. That evening, we found out my Dad's close friend had died by suicide at roughly the same time of day I was walking to school. To this day, if I get any kind of fear that someone is going to die, I ring people I'm close to. I never tell them why; I just have to hear them to check they're OK."

—Kate, UK

16."We got a rideable toy car for our kids, and some unknown entity (ghost?) in the house loves to play with it. I regularly find it in different locations than it was left. The batteries have never run out after years of not replacing them, either. The strangest thing, though, is that it turns itself on when no one is near it. Last week, the kids rode the car into the living room. I was sitting on the couch with my wife and MIL, and the car started by itself in front of us. A full *minute* of annoying car sounds later, I stood up and asked, 'Can you turn that off, please?' After three seconds, it turned off. Whenever I walk by the car, I talk to the kindly presence who likes to play with it."

Toy truck on a forest floor with pine needles

—Tyler, Idaho, US

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17."Anyone who wears glasses might know that sometimes you can see reflections at the edge of the lenses from lights behind you. I wear glasses, and in my bedroom when I was young, there were fairy lights that went around the edge of the room and hung down loose in the corner. It didn't happen often, but every once in a while, when I was sitting on my bed, I'd see them swinging slowly behind me in the reflection of my glasses. I'd always turn to look, and they would be perfectly still IRL. I'd turn back again and see them continue to swing in the reflection even when my head was perfectly still. This would happen when there were no windows open, so no draft could be moving them. I study science and have never been a big believer in the paranormal, but I've never been able to explain those experiences to this day."

—Kate, UK

18."My family members, including myself, sometimes know when something is going to happen before it does. For example, when my uncle was in the Navy during World War II, my grandmother awoke one night and saw my uncle standing at the foot of her bed. He said, 'I’ve been injured, but I’m going to be OK.' The next day, two representatives from the Navy came to her door to tell her that her son had been injured, but he was going to be OK."

"30 years later, it was my turn. My husband and I were going out for the evening and hired a babysitter. Before we left, I was getting ready to mail a letter to my mother, but just before I put it in the envelope, a strange feeling washed over me, and I wrote a postscript saying, 'How is Grandma doing? Is she okay?' I mailed the letter on the way to our destination. When we got home, the babysitter said I needed to call my mother. She had called to tell me that my grandmother died. As it turns out, she died at the exact time that I had the strange feeling. I said, 'Mom, you’re going to get a letter from me that asks how Grandma is doing!'"

—Judy, Dewey, AZ

19."When I was 10 years old, I had trouble sleeping. On this particular night, I was on the top tier of a bunk bed, and my brother was sleeping in the bottom bunk, snoring away. I was lying awake, staring at the wall and wishing I could fall asleep, when I started to see an object slowly rise up from the foot of the bed. It was rounded and resembled the shape of a human head, although I could see no facial features on it. Alarmed, I lunged forward and took a swing at it, hoping I could identify what it was. Well, it ducked down just as you would expect someone to do to avoid being hit."

"I was petrified. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream. I just sat there and watched as this 'head' continued its slow ascent up to the ceiling, through which it disappeared. Only then did I muster up enough courage to run to my parents' room for help. They insisted it was just a figment of my imagination, but I don't see how it could have been. It was too real, too three-dimensional, and I've never been very imaginative.

For years following this, I could only sleep with the bedroom door open and the hall light on. I never saw it again, but it has forever stuck in my mind."—Anonymous

Person standing in a dim room with a candle, expressing concern

20."Our 250-year-old farmhouse in the U.K. was being gutted and renovated. My family had a temporary caravan facing the house, where we stayed during the weekends. Mum and I were playing cards at the dinette in the front of the caravan. My aunt and cousin stopped by for a visit and entered the only accessible door at the front. We saw them leave 10 minutes later. A little while afterward, my mum casually said, ‘Thought they left.’ I looked up, and there were two solid figures in the kitchen, moving around and occasionally bending down as if looking for something. We thought no more of it until 20 minutes later when my aunt and cousin came walking down the driveway. Those figures hadn't been them. There was no other way in or out of the house, and we have no explanation."


21."Growing up, I was very close with my grandmother. She referred to me as 'the baby,' even though she had many other grandchildren and I was not the youngest. But I loved her dearly and spent as many weekends with her as I could. She passed away when I was 19. It was my first real experience with death, and I was devastated. To make matters worse, beginning on the night of her death, I started having terrible nightmares — images of hell…fire and brimstone, etc. I would wake up covered in sweat and crying. After a few days, it got to the point where I was afraid to go to sleep. Then one night a couple of weeks later, after fighting against sleep and losing, I again woke up in the middle of the night. But this time, I woke up to my grandmother standing in my room."

"She was literally glowing, radiating warmth and peace. She was smiling — she looked beautiful. She looked at me and told me that the dreams I had been having were not about where she was. She said she was fine and at peace and that everything would be OK. She said I needed to stop worrying about her and that we would see each other again. The last thing she said was, 'I love you, Baby,' and then she was gone. I never had another nightmare. I love you, too, Grandma."


22."When my wife died in 2020, we had her funeral in St. Louis, where her oldest brother, who is a Rabbi, lives. After the funeral, the entire family, her brothers and their families, I, and my daughters gathered at the oldest brother’s house. It was September and still warm outside as evening came. After talking and reminiscing on the patio, my daughters and I stepped into the house to get something to eat. As we sat in the living room, my wife’s younger brother came inside saying, 'The wildest thing just happened! I was sitting talking to so and so when a huge owl dove straight for me and flew right over my head! I thought it was going to hit me!' My youngest daughter and I looked at each other with surprise, and both said, 'Mom!' simultaneously."

"Unbeknownst to her brother, my wife had loved and collected 'owls,' owning many little knickknacks of them. We had often joked that owls were her animal. We still believe that was my wife saying goodbye to her baby brother."

—Bob, Chicago, Illinois

Owl peeking out from a tree hollow at dusk, surrounded by foliage
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23."Years ago, I hung out with this one girl. She lived with her parents at her grandma's house down the street from my house. Her gran wasn't the nicest lady and I avoided her at all costs, but she did have a bunch of random cool collectibles around the house that I loved to look at. I would've liked to have known how she found all this cool stuff if only I were brave enough to ask her. Like I said, not the nicest lady. Anyway, she had one of these older-style Ouija boards that I thought looked so cool and sparked my interest in the supernatural. At the time, though, I only knew the basics of what playing with that board meant and that my mom hated them."

"Now, we played with this thing off and on, and nothing ever happened at the time. We brought it out at sleepovers we had in her garage, half of which had been turned into a living room-style hangout space, complete with a big couch, rugs, a TV, and a VHS/DVD system. It was WAY more fun sleeping out there than inside with the adults. Anyway, when we played, my friend would, of course, move the planchette around the board, trying to freak me out. I'd think I heard something, but it would just be the wind hitting the garage door, making it creak and groan. We would go to sleep, and everything would be fine.

At home, I had a few things happen to me here and there. Like, I had this wheeled, standing mirror that could be flipped over. Sometimes, I would wake up with it right at the side of my bed, three to four feet from where it was supposed to be, with the mirror side facing me. I had a shaggy rug, so it was not easy to roll it that far over. I ALWAYS flipped it over when I went to sleep, as well, because I can't stand to have a mirror face me/my bed when I go to bed.

There was a time when I was watching TV, and for some reason, I got this eerie urge to turn the volume down really low, like I needed to hear something. I sat on my bed, I turned to my left, and on my wall was an image of a man's face. You know those eye illusions where you stare at a dot in the middle of the page and then look at a white wall, and an image will appear? It looked like that, but I could see no eyes or mouth. Instead, he had hollowed out holes in their place. I was frozen, staring at this man for an easy ten minutes, and this image was not going away. After it finally started to fade, I found my voice to call my little sister into my room so I could explain what the hell I just saw. She came in, and I told her I had just seen a face on the wall. She asked what it looked like, and just as I was about to tell her, I heard a LOUD, deep 'SHUSH!' from the direction under my dresser. I shut up and looked at her, but she didn't react. I asked if she heard that sound, and she looked at me strangely and said no. I never actually could tell her or anyone what the face looked like until I got older. If I had, I felt like something terrible was going to happen.

The biggest incident was back at my friend's grandma's house. Her family was cleaning out the garage and asked my friend and me to put some stuff up in the attic. We got up there and saw all these boxes. My friend opened one, and all we saw were old Beanie Babies. We opened a few more to check them out, and we made a little 'room' out of the boxes to sit down in, thinking it'd be the best hangout spot. So we went to grab a few games, snacks, and — eventually — the Ouija board. I had been nervous about playing with it again, as I slowly started to think that maybe what was going on at home was connected to it. But it was broad daylight at the time, so I shrugged it off. There was no need to be freaked out or spooked because nothing bad happens in the daytime, right?

We set it up, and as always, we were respectful and never bad-mouthed, whatever or whoever talked with us. We asked the basic questions, like, 'Is anyone there?' 'What's your name?' etc. Nothing was happening, so we got distracted and started carrying on a conversation about boys or something of the like. I remember she had just finished asking me a question when I felt the urge to look to my left. As I did, I saw was this huge, 8-foot black, opaque shadow. It started moving along the back of the attic wall as I turned to follow it like it didn't want to be seen by me fully. I saw a box that we never touched topple over in the direction it moved. It crept on until it hit a really dark corner that the light didn't touch, and I lost it.

When I realized it had knocked that box over, aka that it could physically touch things, I knew we had to get out of there immediately. I turned back around to my friend, who looked shocked but also weirdly calm. We left the attic and told her mom what had happened up there. Of course, she just chalked it up to our imaginations or something and went back to cleaning up. We left the garage and never had another sleepover there, nor did we ever play with that board again.

Actually, to this day, I'm 99.9% sure we never closed that game out with a 'goodbye,' either."

— Meg, Chicago, USA

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