Women We Love: Julia Gillard

There’s no denying Julia Gillard is on a roll. The fired-up PM used question time yesterday to fire a finely tuned missile into Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the pervasive culture of misogyny that has dominated her time in power.

Her performance – labelled the “political smackdown of the year” gained international headlines.

In typical brazen fashion, Jezebel has praised her a “badass motherf***”.

The Telegraph in the UK declared that her blistering attack on sexism was her best card.

Salon magazine said the US would like to borrow Gillard to take on Congress’s misogynist caucus .

While The Daily Beast said former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher must be smiling.

The reaction isn't all positive, with Fairfax commentators declaring, “We expected more from Gillard in defending the indefensible antics of Peter Slipper. Similarly, The Punch said the entire Australian parliament came out smelling a bit fishy over the entire incident.

Like her or loathe her, it was a powerhouse performance by the PM who showed her true political animal self in a 15-minute attack on sexism, declaring that women in Australia are entitled to a better standard than what’s currently on offer.